Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I got this award from Khushboo Rati of Crafterkhush. This is my first award and I am happy to get it. Thank you.

To receive this award the rules to be followed are:
Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.
Step 2 - Share 8 random things about you.
Step 3 – Award 8 recently discovered bloggers with this award.
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they have won the award.

Step 1: Done
Step 2: Sharing Random things about me (Crazy idea.......)

Well here are the 8 random things which have came to my mind right now.
* I am a very lazy person.
* I love Computers and can't live without Computer and Internet.
* I love watching movies, but no bollywood movies I hate them.
* I read a lot of books and comics. My fav author is Paulo Coelho.
* I love to create Paper Models
* I watch cartoons a lot
* I love Bikes
* I like to create new things

Step 3: Award 8 recently discovered bloggers with this award.

Since I have met a lot of people recently and loved their blogs so I am giving this award to the following people, I might forget one or two name so If I forgot you then don't think that I didn't liked your blog, its just that your name slipped from my mind.

* Mallika's Blog - This was the first Indian Craft blog I found and her work is really beautiful.
* Handmade with Love - I liked Ujjwal's work very much.
* Crafting Queen Another great blog by Karuna.
* Tejal's Creative Expressions - lovely creations by Tejal
* Not Just Quilling - Blog by Priyadarshni
* Creativita - A Blog by Jovi
* Priya's Craft Korner - She has done some great quilling work
* Deepti's Blog

Step 4: I am contacting all the above people and informing them.



Some small Thankyou cards

Last week I received Glitter powder, flocking powder and Watermark Pad from Karuna (Crafting queen) which I ordered her. All the stuffs were great and I must admit that the powder bottles were larger than what they look in the photo.

Anyway, since I am quite new to embossing (my only embossing was Birthday card where I used the Metallic Gold embossing powder which I purchased from Mansi), so to try the new powder set I created some small Thank You card. My inspiration was also Karuna's Thankyou card.

I showed the cards to my friend who runs a Store, he liked them very much and ordered me to make 100 cards for him, which he will give to his important buyers. I am very happy for these cards. I hope you all will also like them.

Thanks and Regards

Aditya Gupta

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Links on my Blog

Hello Friends,

As you all can see that I have a header link for Contacts in which I have given the links for blogs/sites of Indian Craft Bloggers. Since I am too lazy to look for every site and include in it, so I decided to make it a post here.

If your link is not there and you want to include then post a comment to this post along with your website link. I will add it on the list.

Only one requirement:

* Your Site/Blog should be related to craft

I do not need a link back, though if you can give then it would be great but its not needed.

Thanks and Regards
Aditya Gupta

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gift from Ujjwal (

Today I received the gift pack from Ujjwal (Handmade with Love) which I won in the "Overcome your fear of stamping " challenge.

I got 10 Sudio Calico Pattern Paper, one alphabet cardstock sticker set and a very beautiful card which was made by Ujjwal. Really great gift.

Thanks a lot for such nice Gift


Monday, April 25, 2011

Pocket Diary & Diary Holder

Today I created a Pocket Diary using simple Cardstock Paper and printing papers and created a Diary Stand with the help of my Silhouette SD.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Clear Acrylic Stamps

For Sale the following Clear Acrylic Stamp from Scrappy Cat:

Scrappy Cat : Arrows and Punctuation
No. of Stamps: 19 clear Acrylic stamps of different Sizes without Mounting Block
Size of the Packet : 4x6 inch
MRP : $9
The Craft Zone Price : INR 350

Scrappy Cat : Flower and Flourish SCR1024
No. of Stamps: 4 clear Acrylic stamps of different Sizes without Mounting Block
Size of the Packet : 3x5.5 inch
MRP : $9
The Craft Zone Price : INR 350

Shipping Cost as actual. Kindly confirm the shipping cost.

To buy contact me at : adityastar AT

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Latest Card

Yesterday I finished my first Card made with the help of Wooden Stamps and Embossing powder. I kept it simple so that the look of the card doesn't kills the message. It is a Birthday Card.

I have used Markers to ink the wooden stamps, thus I was able to create multicolor Stamped Images.

I hope this one looks good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craft Zone Blog Candy

This is my First Blog Candy. Here are the items which are in this Candy:

* 10 12x12 inch Pattern Papers
* 1 Pack of Butterfly 3D Sticker (Total 16 butterfly)
* 1 Pack of Fish 3D Sticker (Total 15 Fishes)
* 1 Distress Ink Pad (Frayed Burlap)
* 1 Black Stamp Pad (1.5 x 1.5 inch)
* 3 Pack Scrappy Cat Clear Acrylic Stamps :

- Timbress Clair (Contain 9 stamps ideal for Journey)
- Etampes Claires (Contain 1 Journaling Stamp and 2 Flower Star Stamps)
- Timbress Clair (Conatins 4 Flower)

* 36 Wood Mounted Alphabet/Numbers Stamp with 4 mini Stamp Pads
* 21 Wooden Stamps of Different Sizes (As follows):

- 16 half inch wooden stamps
- 1 3x3.3 inch world stamp
- 1 2.5x2.5 inch Heart Corner Stamp
- 1 3x1.5 inch Flowers stamp
- 2 Wooden stamp 1 inch

* Some Vinyl Stickers (In Yellow, Purple, Red and Silver Color)

The image contains only few Vinyl Stickers as I have not done with them. I will put atleast 200 Vinyl Stickers (Flowers, Cake, Candle, Tags, and other shapes) in different colors. I am still in the process of cutting the Vinyl Sheets with my Silhouette Cutter.

Bonus: I will cut some custom shapes for the one who wins the blog candy.

How you can Win the Candy

1. Follow this blog (If you are not following already)
2. Like The Craft Zone Facebook Page
3. Post up a link to this blog Candy on your blog.
* If you do not have a blog then share it on your facebook Wall.
* If you do not have Blog or Facebook Account then mail me at adityastar AT

4. Leave a comment Here. (Note: The comments are moderated so it will show up when I approve them, usually it might take 1 or 2 hours but even if it takes time then also it will be counted.)

Rules and Info
* This Candy will be open from 19th April 2011 to 17th May 2011.
* Anyone can participate in this blog candy.
* I will announce the winner on or before 20th May 2011.
* I will dispatch the goods within one week of announcement of the winner by reputed courier company.
* This candy is open for anyone and everyone, even if you are not a crafter then also you can participate. Who knows after getting the stuff you might start crafting.
* The winner need to contact me before 22nd May 2011 with his/her address and also if he/she wants any custom shape.
* The content of this Blog Candy can be increased. Yes, I might add some additional things in this blog candy over time.
* The winner will be selected Randomly. (My method of Randomness? I will write down names of all the eligible participants on slips and then give all the slips to my 1 year old son. The one he hand me back will be the winner)

So what are you waiting for. Spread the Joy.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Winner of the "Overcome your stamping fear" Challenge

Today I found that I am one of the winner of the "Overcome your Stamping fear" challenge by Ujjwal Gupta.

I must say that I am lucky to win as the other entries were really great and I was winner due to being Random :).

Anyway, winning is winning. Now I am waiting for the prize.

Also I have decided to put up a Blog Candy. I have decided it in the very beginning of starting of this blog but I am extremely lazy (or you can say busy) that I could never take snaps of what I will give in the blog candy. I will upload the details and pic of the candy in a day or two. But here is a sneak peak on what I will give away in the candy :

1. 1 set of Scrappy Cat Clear Stamps
2. Few Wooden Stamps
3. Some patterned paper
4. Vinyl Stickers (of various shapes which I have cutted using my Silhouette SD)
5. 1 Distress Stamp Pad

and more I have to decide yet...

So as you can see the things are nice and I have brought extra set of them to offer in the candy (I am putting all those items which I love so I ordered two sets of them).

I will try to officially start this blog candy in a day or two. It will go on till 17th May 2011 and I will announce the winner on or before 20th May 2011.

More I will announce in the official post. So stay tuned.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wooden Stamps

Today I received pack of 143 Wooden Stamps which I recently purchased from Global Ebay. The are very lovely and sooner I will post my project which I created using them.

Here is a image of all the stamps I received :

I will list some of the stamps for sale and while keep some for my personal use.

The advantage of Wooden Stamp over Clear Acrylic Stamps is that they are more detailed and can also use Color Markers to create beautiful colored Stamped Images.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple Greeting Card Series Card 3

Another Card in Simple Greeting Card series

This time I used Chipboard Sticker in place of Stamp. Background is Distress Effect using Tim Holtz Wild Wild Honey Distress Ink.

Here is a small recap image of all the three Simple Card Series Greeting Cards

I hope you liked them.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Few Digital Scrapbook Pages I designed

Here are some Digital Scrapbook Pages I made for my Son "Tejas", I am making a Scrapbook Album for him and I am using all the possible techniques which I can use, whether it may be traditional Scrapbook Pages or Digital Scrapbook Pages. I am showcasing some of the work I did yesterday.

The graphic used are downloaded from ShabbyPrincess and they are free for Personal Use.

A Kirigami Popup Greeting Card

A Kirigami Popup Card. This time the exterior Decoration is done by my sweet wife, she has more creativity than me but she never shows. I hope I will pursue her to do more craft work.

The inside of this card shows 9 Ladies Dancing. This one is work of Kirigami.

The outside decorated by my wife. The card is on Handmade Paper, decorated with ribbon and other establishments.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Simple Greeting Card Series Card 2

Another Card in the Simple Greeting Card Series. This time I also used Distress Technique using Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

Simple Card with Distress technique added.

Simple Greeting Card Series

I have started to create some simple Greeting Cards. My inspiration behind is the line : Clean and Simple.

Here is the first card in this series, I will post more in coming days:

I have put two Stamps and then colored it with Pencil Colors.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Proper Stamped Greeting Card

Yes, Though I have made a lot of Paper Craft work and greeting cards (like Kirigami, popup cards etc.) but I never used Stamps earlier. I was always worried how it might look so I never brought any stamp set. Few days back when I found Mallika's blog and she encouraged me to use stamps then I ordered My first Scrappy Cat Stamps Set from Global Ebay and This will be my first card using Clear Acrylic Stamps.

Sorry for the blurry image. I took this pic with my Cell Phone

I used a simple purple color sheet as background, then stamped it with florish stamp using red ink. I also added a green ribbon to bring contrast and the small flower is added to make it look more beautiful.

I used a Handmade Paper Sheet and then added the Tim Holtz Distress ink to make it look like old paper, I then stamped a Birthday Cake and a Girl with Flower. I colored them with Pencil Colors to make them look smooth rather than using Sketch Pen which might kill the Stamp Effect.

The card is looking good but the pics may not do a proper justice with this card.

Since this is my First Proper card using Acrylic Stamps so I want to also enter this card to Ujjwal's "Overcome your fear of stamping" Card Challenge. I know it is not as good as other's have made but I surely want my first proper attempt to enter a contest.

Why I was afraid of Stamping:

As the contest has a point that I need to mention why I was afraid to use this project. I have made paper models, Popup cards and Kirigami Cards, they all look marvelous, But since Childhood, I was never able to color any image up to quality and this fear increased over time into me. I feared to use stamps because I was not certain that I will be able to color them properly (so that they may look good). And now you all will judge whether I have done a proper work or not.

Any Occasion Greeting Card

Here is one more greeting card which I made when I was a little bit bored. I had nothing special in mind so I kept it open for any occasion which might occur.

Here are the pics:

The items used in this card are : Patterened paper, die cut shape, a Golden Vinyl Flower which was cut with the help of my Silhouette SD, some small flowers which were available in any ribbon shop.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Greeting Card

Yesterday I created another greeting card. It is made with very simple things and one of the easiest one to make but it looks pretty.

For this Card, I used a Glossy Card Stock Sheet for base, then I added two textured papers over it. To hide the joining line I added a Ribbon, Then added some decorative items but very less.


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