Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Links on my Blog

Hello Friends,

As you all can see that I have a header link for Contacts in which I have given the links for blogs/sites of Indian Craft Bloggers. Since I am too lazy to look for every site and include in it, so I decided to make it a post here.

If your link is not there and you want to include then post a comment to this post along with your website link. I will add it on the list.

Only one requirement:

* Your Site/Blog should be related to craft

I do not need a link back, though if you can give then it would be great but its not needed.

Thanks and Regards
Aditya Gupta


  1. Hi Aditya.. Have awarded you the stylish blog award.. please take a look at my blog to get to know the details..


  3. hey aditya... thanks for all the tips and pdf files u sent me... since I could not get prints I have have taken the tip to make kits and made a few for cards & lanterns... also it would be gr8 if you could add my blog to the coveted contacts list... cya



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