Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Proper Stamped Greeting Card

Yes, Though I have made a lot of Paper Craft work and greeting cards (like Kirigami, popup cards etc.) but I never used Stamps earlier. I was always worried how it might look so I never brought any stamp set. Few days back when I found Mallika's blog and she encouraged me to use stamps then I ordered My first Scrappy Cat Stamps Set from Global Ebay and This will be my first card using Clear Acrylic Stamps.

Sorry for the blurry image. I took this pic with my Cell Phone

I used a simple purple color sheet as background, then stamped it with florish stamp using red ink. I also added a green ribbon to bring contrast and the small flower is added to make it look more beautiful.

I used a Handmade Paper Sheet and then added the Tim Holtz Distress ink to make it look like old paper, I then stamped a Birthday Cake and a Girl with Flower. I colored them with Pencil Colors to make them look smooth rather than using Sketch Pen which might kill the Stamp Effect.

The card is looking good but the pics may not do a proper justice with this card.

Since this is my First Proper card using Acrylic Stamps so I want to also enter this card to Ujjwal's "Overcome your fear of stamping" Card Challenge. I know it is not as good as other's have made but I surely want my first proper attempt to enter a contest.

Why I was afraid of Stamping:

As the contest has a point that I need to mention why I was afraid to use this project. I have made paper models, Popup cards and Kirigami Cards, they all look marvelous, But since Childhood, I was never able to color any image up to quality and this fear increased over time into me. I feared to use stamps because I was not certain that I will be able to color them properly (so that they may look good). And now you all will judge whether I have done a proper work or not.


  1. ohh this is so pretty! I am glad that you overcame your fears and gave it a go. Once you get comfortable, you will be hooked to stamps, I bet.

    Thanks for playing along my challenge!! I am so delighted to see a male crafter among the female dominated craft blog land :D

  2. It's beautiful! I saw your link on the Handmade with Love blog and am looking forward to seeing your other projects.



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