Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some small Thankyou cards

Last week I received Glitter powder, flocking powder and Watermark Pad from Karuna (Crafting queen) which I ordered her. All the stuffs were great and I must admit that the powder bottles were larger than what they look in the photo.

Anyway, since I am quite new to embossing (my only embossing was Birthday card where I used the Metallic Gold embossing powder which I purchased from Mansi), so to try the new powder set I created some small Thank You card. My inspiration was also Karuna's Thankyou card.

I showed the cards to my friend who runs a Store, he liked them very much and ordered me to make 100 cards for him, which he will give to his important buyers. I am very happy for these cards. I hope you all will also like them.

Thanks and Regards

Aditya Gupta


  1. these r really so pretty good luck on the new venture.

  2. They look great Aditya.. Good work dude.. Way to go..!!

  3. These cards are really beautiful....

  4. Really great cards...super embossing!

  5. Simple ones but very neatly done.... I too should try my hand at embossing....

  6. very cute !
    way to go aditya !
    100 cards my my



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