Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Custom Stamps

Few days back I had an idea to get own custom stamps. The reason was simple, when you pay $10-$20 for Stamp pack you hardly find one or two stamp usable and remaining stamps can hardly be used. I have more than 300 stamps right now but the usable ones are only 10-20, so why spend so much on those packs which contain non-useful stamps.

Hence, I ordered some custom stamps, the cost is high as I had to pay Rs. 800 for 4x6 inch size. But the good thing is that I was able to get around 15 stamps in this price where 2 were bigger stamps ( around 2.5 inch size) and 13 were 1 inch size stamps. They were made of Rubber Polymer and have same details as rubber stamps and are more detailed than clear acrylic stamps. The only problem I faced is that they were unmounted so the main trouble was mounting block for them which would increase the cost of the stamp further. To overcome this problem I used Cardboard, multiple layer of cardboard and sticked the stamp to it. The result was great. Here is a image to show the stamps:

If anyone wants to have Custom stamps then I can help them. The expected cost for 2.5 X 2.5 inch stamp would be around Rs. 250.

Now one important information : The Prize of the Enjoyyyyyy Post is a Custom 2.5 X 2.5 inch stamp. The winner need to provide me the design they want as stamp and I will get it made for you.


  1. lovely idea of having ur own custom made stamps as a beginner in stamping they all look great to me.

  2. i too made lots of stamps like these,this sounds costly i got 30 stamps for 1550/-

  3. wow, this sounds like fun....

  4. Hey Aditya, I keep acrylic blocks. It is very handy when it comes to stamping. Do mail me to know the details.

  5. custome stamps are actually a very great idea.. :-)

  6. Hey great ideas!!

    Why don't you organize a giveaway for the stamps you do not use !!!

    Would be great!!



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