Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Embossing Card

Today I created a Card with only embossing technique. It was not an easy job as using only embossing to create something was a bit difficult and I had two ideas for it, either to make a card to give to my wife whose birthday is in June or create a card for my sister whose birthday is on May. The deadline won and I created a card which I will give to my sister on her birthday (17th May, remember my blog candy day?)

This card can be the simplest card with green color flock embossing powder used as ground, there are four flowers which are of different color flock and glitter embossing powder, The Hippo in between the flowers have a sentiment Hip Hip Hippo with purple glitter powder.

There is also Happy Birthday written on top, where I used Red Flock Powder (In photo the words happy birthday might not be clearly visible but they look good in realty).

And when there is ground, flower and hippo then why not a smiling Sun? So I created a Sun with Golden Glitter Powder.

I would have colored the card to bring more effect but since I wanted to enter this card in Make a card with only heat embossing Challenge of Karuna (Crafting Queen) so I kept it as it is. It still looks great.

PS: Sorry about my low res images, my old Digi cam has been broken and I am taking Pics using my cell phone. I am planning to buy a good Digital Camera soon.



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