Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What should be the cost?

It is more of a question than a regular post. I have looked into various sources and I found that the price range in craft products is very big. You can find a A4 pattern paper sheet for Rs. 5 per sheet and you can also find another A4 Pattern paper sheet for Rs. 100. There is no price range in this field. I myself imported some stuffs from USA but when I got them I found out that they are also outsourcing their printing, manufacturing to China. So the only reason for price being so high can be the artist or brand name. Quality does matter but the huge price difference is no match for quality.

So here is a big question for all readers of this blog. What should be the price in which you will find purchasing craft supplies reasonable:

1. For A4 Pattern Paper (80-120 GSM)
2. For A4 Pattern Paper (200 or higher GSM)
3. For 12x12 Pattern Paper (250 GSM)
4. For Stamp (3x3 inch size, any type like Rubber, acrylic or Polymer)

And another big question. What should be reasonable price for a Custom Stamp of 3x3 inch size with your choice graphic or text?

Please do not answer these questions with prices which no one can get. If you don't want to answer then don't answer but please don't write anything which is not possible.


  1. I think the price range is different with different quality.
    A4-80 gsm Rs. 3-4
    A4 100 gsm-rs.5
    A4 above 220 gsm rs.10
    12x12-single sided-rs.20
    12x12-double sided-cardstock-rs.30
    stamps 3x3-rs.50
    I think this should be the pice range.I find it nonsense to pay rs. 60 or 100 for a single pp.'I,m getting custom made stamps at rs.1200 for A4 sheet.
    About 20 2x3 size fit. depends upon size.

  2. 1 - RS 5
    2- RS 20
    3 - RS 35
    4 - RS 50 TO 100

    for 3 by 3 its should be 200
    anita di .. gives a4 sheet fer rs 1200 ( stamps ) with your choice



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