Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yourstory Binder and Laminator

As I told earlier that I have recently purchased Yourstory 12x12 inch Binder and Laminator and I feel that it is one of the few products which are worth its price. Not only it helps in making Book Binded photo albums and scrapbooks but also laminates paper, photos etc. Totally worth every penny spent on it.

I got it in a bundle in which I got some Leather type Album covers and scrapbook pages too. Here is the pic:

Apart from this I also get coupon for 3 Free Digital Scrapbooks which are really great. Usage of this machine is extremely simple and all it take less than 10 minutes to bind a book. Though cost of readymade covers is high, but if you have glue gun (I do have one) then the cost of making a cover is really low and you can design covers of any size.

and for those who want it, they can get it on Global Ebay. There are offers in which they can get it for around Rs. 3000/- including shipping, customs and taxes.

Also don't buy readymade covers instead get a glue gun.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A blog candy for Indians

Today I came across a great blog candy which is reserved for Indians only, so if you are Indian then you will have a chance to win this candy. Even if not then also this blog has some good collection of papers for sale. I am sure you might like them.

Here is the Link : Scraps N More Blog Candy

Have Fun

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Martha Stewart Craft Paper Punches

Yesterday I received my package of Martha Stewart Craft Paper Punches which I ordered from Ebay.

I was a little bit concerned about the package as previously I ordered Paper Punch from an Indian Seller and was a little bit unhappy because the punch I got was without packing. But luckily ebay sellers don't do this. I received lot of new unopened punches. I opened two of them, The Alphabet and Butterfly, as I will be using them. The remaining ones are still unopened (I will open them when I will need, no need to check every piece).

Here is the pic:

I also purchased Yourstory, which I will post later.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First 8x8 Scrapbook Album

Today I have finished my first 8x8 Scrapbook Album which I made for my senior faculty of my College. I printed 8x8 pages using my printer (the template was In The Groove from Shabby Princess). I used my new Yourstory binding machine (which I got today from courier, I purchased it from Global Ebay). I used custom cover template.

Here are some pics:

Scrapbook Pages unbinded, I printed them on Photo Paper.

Scrapbook Pages binded inside the 8x8 book using Yourstory Binder

Front of the Scrapbook. I also added the yellow butterfly on the cover which I cut with the help of Martha Stewart Punch. I did not use any other embellishment for this scrapbook.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indirank Update

Today I received email from IndiRank about the new update where I received 60 for this blog. The Higher the better. Since this is my first update on Indirank so I am happy to get this rank.

My next target is to make it higher than 70 in next update. I hope I will get it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peacock Card

My Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutting Tool (QuicKutz) is now working fine as I have replaced the Blade Holder due to which the machine was not able to cut papers properly. To test the paper cutting I have cut some detailed designs also.

This card is made with the help of Silhouette SD. After cutting the basic design I used Echo Park Pattern paper to decorate the interior of the card. I also added some glitter to decorate the card.

I hope it looks good.

Use of Color Pencils

Here is something which I did with the help of color pencils. Colored the black and white circle tag and the final tag is also displayed in the pic.

Though I was never good with colors, but I feel this work can be considered as good enough.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Camera & Circle Tags

For past some time I was planning to buy a New Digital Camera as my old one was broke and the images from my cell phone was good only in daylight. Finally yesterday I purchased a new Sony Digital Camera WX7. It has 16.2 Mega Pixel and can record video clips of upto 30 minute in HD Quality. It also has 3D image option. Though I haven't tested it completely but still the quality is great.

now for the craft part. For time I was having trouble in cutting paper with my silhouette, recently I found the reason for the problem and that was the blade holder was a little bit broken. So I ordered a new blade holder and when it arrived last week, I tried it and the result was great. Now I can safely cut paper even some complex designs. I had cut some doilies and card designs, I will share them later. But for now I am sharing something which might interest to all.

Its not very cheap to have a variety of stamps and digital stamps can take time to print and the use on your cards or other craft stuff, so I decided to use sliekje's Digital Stamps to create some preprinted and pricut Circles of 2 inch radius. I cut them using Silhouette's Print and Cut feature and the result was beautiful. I used little thicker paper than normal print paper and now all I need to do is to color the images and then use where ever I want them. Here is a small picture of how they look:

Friday, June 3, 2011

My work Published in Amar Ujala Newspaper today

Today I got opportunity to be highlighted in a national level News Paper Amar Ujala (though the edition is regional). Here is a scanned image of today News Paper.

Amar Ujala Bareilly Edition Page No. 7 Dated 03 June 2011


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