Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Dove

A quick design with the help of my Silhouette SD.


  1. i had a quick question for the silhouette , whats the maximum thickness it can cut? , how long till the blades run out ?
    can you cut some cupcake wrappers?


  2. @renderviz, Silhouette now has launched two new machines, Silhouette Cameo (for 12" wide) and Silhouette Portrait (for 8.5" wide). They both can cut papers upto 300 GSM without much trouble (some even say they can cut thin chipboard too but I never tried). The blade run good enough. If you cut too much thick paper or cut paper with lots of fibres then the blade will wear out quickly otherwise you can expect hundreds of cuts from a new blade. You can cut cupcake wrappers and there are many svg designs available online.

    If you still have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  3. hi thanks aditya , i been totally taken by this electronic machine and am suprised at the tiny usage of it here, must be the cost and availability i suppose, i am looking to get the knk zing hopefully with some friends coming down from america, cameo is great , but the zing looks even more impressive , what do you think? my primary excuse in getting it is cutting cardstock and hopefully trying to sell some crafts online

  4. Hi,

    I never used Zing but I think its better than Silhouette, for cutting cardstock cameo, zing or even black cat cougar will be great. The only thing which you should check is the pressure of cutting, size of paper, speed, blade cost and above all the availability of the software. Zing comes with Make the Cut software, you can try the trial version even before getting the machine. Also I you can download Silhouette Studio software, which might work well with Zing. Give it a try. You will love electronic cutting.



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