Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Martha Stewart Craft Paper Punches

Yesterday I received my package of Martha Stewart Craft Paper Punches which I ordered from Ebay.

I was a little bit concerned about the package as previously I ordered Paper Punch from an Indian Seller and was a little bit unhappy because the punch I got was without packing. But luckily ebay sellers don't do this. I received lot of new unopened punches. I opened two of them, The Alphabet and Butterfly, as I will be using them. The remaining ones are still unopened (I will open them when I will need, no need to check every piece).

Here is the pic:

I also purchased Yourstory, which I will post later.


  1. wow, thats a great collection you have there!

  2. thats really bad .. i know .. even i had issues with one indian female seller ..
    she sells used stuff and she is very irresposible

  3. oh i am so jealous u bought all this in one go its amazing.

  4. Wao... i wish i have all these stuff one day...
    I can see my fav punch on the extreme right... THE DOILY!!!!!

  5. congrats on the collection... someday i too hope to have it all....

  6. have been unable to decide which one of these to buy as i like most of them...recently bought the martha stewart circle cutter...waiting for it to arrive!!!



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