Monday, June 13, 2011

New Camera & Circle Tags

For past some time I was planning to buy a New Digital Camera as my old one was broke and the images from my cell phone was good only in daylight. Finally yesterday I purchased a new Sony Digital Camera WX7. It has 16.2 Mega Pixel and can record video clips of upto 30 minute in HD Quality. It also has 3D image option. Though I haven't tested it completely but still the quality is great.

now for the craft part. For time I was having trouble in cutting paper with my silhouette, recently I found the reason for the problem and that was the blade holder was a little bit broken. So I ordered a new blade holder and when it arrived last week, I tried it and the result was great. Now I can safely cut paper even some complex designs. I had cut some doilies and card designs, I will share them later. But for now I am sharing something which might interest to all.

Its not very cheap to have a variety of stamps and digital stamps can take time to print and the use on your cards or other craft stuff, so I decided to use sliekje's Digital Stamps to create some preprinted and pricut Circles of 2 inch radius. I cut them using Silhouette's Print and Cut feature and the result was beautiful. I used little thicker paper than normal print paper and now all I need to do is to color the images and then use where ever I want them. Here is a small picture of how they look:


  1. these stamps are beautiful and congrats on getting a new camera.

  2. congrats for camera.. hey nice circle the images..

  3. Congrats on your new camera!! And those circle tags are a great way to save time and whip up a quick card :)



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