Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yourstory Binder and Laminator

As I told earlier that I have recently purchased Yourstory 12x12 inch Binder and Laminator and I feel that it is one of the few products which are worth its price. Not only it helps in making Book Binded photo albums and scrapbooks but also laminates paper, photos etc. Totally worth every penny spent on it.

I got it in a bundle in which I got some Leather type Album covers and scrapbook pages too. Here is the pic:

Apart from this I also get coupon for 3 Free Digital Scrapbooks which are really great. Usage of this machine is extremely simple and all it take less than 10 minutes to bind a book. Though cost of readymade covers is high, but if you have glue gun (I do have one) then the cost of making a cover is really low and you can design covers of any size.

and for those who want it, they can get it on Global Ebay. There are offers in which they can get it for around Rs. 3000/- including shipping, customs and taxes.

Also don't buy readymade covers instead get a glue gun.


  1. This looks good...I've forever wanted to buy the bind it all...this seems a step up from that!!
    Would love to see your projects on this!

  2. Hi Aditya. Where do you get a glue gun and can you use local glue in it?
    Thank You for the input you gave on the cutting machines at ICR

  3. @ Dr. Sonia: I got my glue gun from my local stationer who brought it for me from Delhi. Also there are special Glue Sticks for use with it but they are cheap and are easily available where you can get glue gun. I got my glue gun for Rs. 220 and spent another Rs. 280 for a set of 50 glue sticks (enough to make more than 100+ covers)

  4. wow lovely stuff. would love to see your creation using this..



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