Sunday, July 24, 2011

Armoire and a mini review of Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit

Few days back at, I saw a beautiful template of Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit, I loved it. I also tried to make myself one such but at the end due to work I left the idea. Also my theory is why reinvent the wheel?

So yesterday I purchased the kit with high hopes but the main disappointment was that it was meant for cricut only :( (The layout was meant for 12x12 mat while my Silhouette SD can only cut upto 8.5 inch wide). Though they have also privded SVG files for 12x6 mat but still if you want to cut the kit using Silhouette then you will need to do a bit of tweaking and modification.

I don't understand when SCAL is no longer providing support then why they have included files only for 12x12 as till now only Cricut is a economical 12x12 cutter, other cutting plotters which support 12x12 are way too costly.

Anyway, after some tweaking I was finally ready to try the first project, The Armoire. I made a similar Armoire previously without using Silhouette or Amelie's kit but it was time taking. Making more than one would take a lot of time. When I made the same armoire with Amelie's Kit it took less than an hour (excluding the time which I spent to tweak the SVG files). In this one hour time, I printed some page and then used the Silhouette SD to cut the 9 pages and glueing the whole thing.

The result was beautiful and since it was cut with machine so alignment was perfect. Here is the Pic:

My recommendation for Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit is that buy if you can do some editing in Silhouette Studio software. If you want a kit which is ready to go with Silhouette SD then its not that one. Took me around 2 hours to set the Armoire Files only. For Cricut, I can't say as I don't have cricut or SCAL. But the result is worth the efforts.


  1. this is just gorgeous aditya love the different paper color background they look so beautiful.

  2. Wao!
    It came out perfectly... the drawers are a perfect fit.. What will be its height?


  3. The dimension of the armoire:

    Height: 13 cm
    Width : 12 cm
    Depth : 10 cm


    Height : 6 cm
    Width : 9 cm
    Depth : 10 cm

    The size of the whole model can be altered with some changes in the files.



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