Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Effil Tower

In my last post I reviewed about Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit and also showed the Armoire Model, today I am showing you another cut model from the same kit. Its mini Effil tower, this model was a part of the Beautiful Gift Box but I made only the tower. It can be glued on a gift box to create a perfect gift Box.

I cut it using Studio Calico "Best in Show" Paper from its State Fair Collection which I got from Ujjwal few months back (It was so lovely that I couldn't use this paper before). Since the paper was double sided and was thicker than normal papers so it was great for this model.

Here is the finished model :

Dimension of the Model:
Height : little less than 13 cm
Width/Depth: 7 cm

Its lovely and I am planning to make more of it so that I can gift them. It uses only one A4 Sheet paper and I cut it using Silhouette SD, it took under 30 minutes to complete this model.

I also made 3 more Towers from different kind of papers to check the stability of the model, for instance I used 150 GSM Photo Paper, Medium Print Paper and Kodak Premium Inkjet Paper. The model looked great on each paper.

Here is a pic of all the four towers I made (Total time was under 1.5 hours for them all).



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