Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first handmade doily

I always admired those who use different kind of doilies in their projects. I also searched for some doily patterns but ended disappointed as its not easy to cut complex shapes, even with Silhouette SD. So I tried something new, something which I was doing back during school days. I cut doilies by hand using scissor.

And believe me the process is so simple that I was able to make the following doilies in less than 15 minutes without any special efforts. I will put steps in a day or two as I have to take pics of the steps. But for the reference here is the image of the doilies I made:

PS: I changed the layout of the blog. I hope it looks good.


  1. i liked the template n dollies both :)

  2. oh definitely really like the look of your blog the other one was a bit dull.and just love your doilies i think i do know the process on how to make them but never tried it before.

  3. wow..these are nice..looking forward for the post where u show us how to make them



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