Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paper Size for Martha Stewart Full Page Border Punch Set

When I first got the Martha Stewart Full Page Border set I was not sure what size of Paper was ideal to have a perfect full page border. After lots of trial and error I found 5 inch was ideal but I wanted to have different size, then I did a little bit of net search and found some more sizes. After going through so many posts, forums etc. I thought its better to have a simple post for Paper Size so that in future people like me don't get in trouble.

So here is the basic list :

3.25 in / 8.25 cm
5 in / 12.7 cm
6.75 in / 17.15 cm
8.5 in / 21.59 cm
10.25 in / 26.04 cm
12 in / 30.48 cm

As you can see that the size increment should be of 1.75 in.

So enjoy and create your next masterpiece using Martha Stewart Full Page Border Punch.


  1. Hey Aditya,

    U get the instruction pamphlet in the MS punches for the paper sizes when u buy them. i have it stuck on my wall for reference too :)

  2. but jab punch without packing mile to nahi milta.

  3. You got the punches without the packing? how?
    I got mine with the instruction pamphlet..though like I fool I threw it, thinking I could come up with my new measurements!!

    Thanks for this!

  4. actually once I purchased full page punch from a person and she sent without packing. might be to save on courier cost.

  5. no aditya sir , used bheje the , i noe dat lady too well
    shez a big time ,no aditya sir , used bheje the , i noe dat lady too well
    shez a big time ,

  6. @Mallika: I agree with you, they were used, and the person is also same as you are talking about.



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