Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Swap

Hi friends,

As few of you know that I love handmade cards and also love to share my stuffs so I have decided to have a small swap. I don't know if anyone would like to participate but I am taking my chances :).

So here is the detail for the swap:

  • You need to send me a handmade card or anything handmade, along with your address.
  • In return I will send you the Mini Effil Tower printed on photo paper and precut using Silhouette SD and prescored. To finish, you will just need to glue all the tabs and your tower will be ready.

The finished tower will be around 13 cm in height.

I will have swap with 10 people only. If you are interested then send me an email at

Important Note:

  • I will swap with 10 person
  • I will send you random pattern Effil Tower (It will not be finished model, you will need to glue the tabs only)
  • I will send the model only after I receive the card.
  • You will also get some surprise stuff from me.
  • And after receiving all the cards, the one I like most will get one more surprise gift from me.
  • If you have any question, feel free to ask first.

This swap is open till I have swap with 10 people.

PS: If you are not from India then do let me know first as I will check with the courier person if they can ship to your address.

EDIT: Here is the list of people who are participating:

1. Mallika                < Received a lovely Vintage Card ><Package Sent to her by with one surprise>
2. Neha                    <Received a lovely card and quilled flowers><Package Sent to her with one surprise>
3. Karuna                 <Received a lovely card and 2x12 cardstock strip set><Package Sent to her with one surprise>
4. Anita Kejriwal      <Received a lovely Mini Scrapbook><Package sent to her with one surprise>
5. Jovita                   <Received a lovely Card><Package sent to her with one surprise>
6. Lucy Colaco        <Received a lovely card, embossed sheets and die cuts><Package sent to her with one suprise>
7. Roopali Sood


  1. woot ~ email is on your way !
    m super excited

  2. wow!! i wld love to have one of your creations :) it wld be a souvenir for me!! thanks for the chance!! :)

  3. wow.... would love that... sending u an email... is there any date for submission?

  4. looks like I am the only late latif :( sorry for that....



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