Friday, July 8, 2011

White House Kirigami Model

Finally White House Kirigami Model is finished, it took me more than 15 days to complete it. The total dimension of the finished model is : 10.31 inches in length / 8.94 inches in width / 6.41 inches in height.

Here are some finished pics of the model:

Complete White House Model

Another view taken in normal lightning condition

Folded, the whole model can be folded into a card

Now the winner of yesterday's contest.

Since there were only four entries so far and you can easily identify the winner.

Congratulations to Neha Jain for her correct answer. I will soon ship your prize to you.


  1. this is just stunning,can't believe the amount of work u have put into it.just so beautiful.

  2. Holy smokes..that is one amazing creation..simply marvelous!!!

  3. wow just mind blowing .. awesome dear..

  4. I make different kinds of sculptures. Please let me know how to upload pictures here.



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