Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newcomer in my family

On 25th August 2011 at 3:34 pm, I was blessed with a baby girl. Now my family is complete. I have returned to home today and my wife is alright, she has to undergo operation as normal delivery was not possible (my first son was also by operation).

Here are the first few pics of my sweet girl (she gets angry very fast)

The above pic is taken after 10 minutes of her birth by my Cell Phone

Above Pic is taken by my Digital Camera

Also I am posting one picture of my Son who love to play with my craft stuffs, like stamps, punches and all other things. It is surprising that even if he is crying badly then also he immediately stops crying when I give him my Martha Stewart Punches and Wooden Stamps.

My son is playing with my little collection of Wooden Stamps.

Have Fun

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secret Swap

I am extremely frustrated with courier agencies, they take a packet saying they will deliver then after 15 days they show the status of packet as returned to consignee due to no shipping area. And you know what upon confirmation with them the reply was, they do can't ship to that address because it takes a whole day for the shipment. Funny isn't it. I know its hard to ship only one package and waste whole day, but then whats the point of courier? Why they are charging so heavily?

By the time I am writing this post I didn't received back my packet (I posted it on 3rd august and its 23rd August today.) Since I have to send swap to my swap buddy at ICR so I have created another set of 3 (3x3 cards, envelops) and instead of one this time I have added 2 bookmarks and another card from me.

Here is the picture of my swap :

The bookmarks are sketched using Silhouette SD. They came out beautiful. Only the receiver of package can confirm whether she liked it or not.

If rain stops now then I will speed post it today and hope it will be delivered by the end of week.

Have Fun

Halloween Popup Card

Here is a Halloween Popup Card. I made this card for ICR9 of Indian Craft Room whose theme was Celebration, what better to celebrate coming Halloween with a popup card of Haunted House.

Here are some pics:

I am entering this card in the following challenge:

Indian Craft Room Celebration Challenge (No Digi, No Stamps)

Do let me know how you liked the card?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Cookie

Few days back I read some online method for making cookie, it was easy and the best thing was that every item given in the tutorial was easily available in any kitchen. Yesterday I asked my wife whether she will be willing to help me and she agreed (She is a helpful wife). She gave me all the items needed as I am not aware of my kitchen. I know a little bit of cooking but I do not cook. After getting all the items in desired quantity, I mixed them then baked them. It was one of the easiest work and the result cookie were really tasty. Not to say that they also looked good. Here is a pic of the cookie:

Here is the Recipe and method :

1 Cup Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Sugar Powder
Little bit of cardamom powder
Little bit of salt (If you use Salted butter then do not put salt)
Some small pieces of Cashew
Milk (optional)


Mix all the items just like doing the regular Roti Making. The create your desired shape either by base of a glass or by using cookie cutter.

Preheat your oven on 180 degree temperature, then spread some oil or butter on the oven tray and put the cookies on it. Bake the cookies for around 12 minutes (it will be 1-2 minutes more or less depending upon the size of the cookie). After baking the cookie might be little bit loosy, so let them cool for another 5-10 minutes and then you will have some tasty cookies.

Total Time taken will be less than half hour.

You can also add some edible color in the mixture to make some colored cookies.

Tip: First make the mixture without milk as in my experience Milk was not needed, you will need to add milk only if the mixture is too thick, then also add very little milk.

Also here is another picture:

I create a small Gift Box to give 4 cookies as a gift. After all I want to share my cookies with my friends also.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Product Review - Top Score Multiboard

Recently I purchased some crafting stuffs from Karuna (, I liked them all but there is one tool which is a kind of life savor, its the Top Score Multiboard. This tool is meant to create Boxes and Pop-up cards but it can also be used as simple scoring tool. I needed one scoring tool for long and now I have one.

First of all the basic features of Top Score Multiboard:

1. You can create any type boxes using it
2. You can create Pop-up cards with it
3. You can create Tri-Fold Cards and Half Fold Cards without any trouble (You won't need to measure as there are predefined lines for Half Fold and Tri Fold)
4. You can create Concertina Card (Its kind of 3 fold card with special cutting)
5. You can emboss the heart shape and a flower shape on any card, paper or box
6. You can use it for scoring also
7. Extremely easy to use


1. The instruction booklet is very basic.
2. There are only two designs for embossing
3. It has unlimited options but you have to find yourself by experimenting

Overall this tool is very useful, its cost is around $15, but when I purchased it through Karuna it costed me around Rs. 1000 (The extra cost was due to import duties and shipping).

Now about the real world use, its important to know how far a product is useful in real world purpose or how fast you can make anything with it, then for your surprise I was able to make some really cool boxes in less than 10 minutes with the help of this tool. Here is a sample box which I made in under 15 minutes (excluding the flower, which I made earlier)

To make this box, I used 2 A4 sheets, then I scored for the box and used Martha Stewart Border Punch. I also decorated it a little, because I was not planning to use for any purpose but for sample only.

But the important thing here is that if you want to make some quick boxes for packing then this tool is very helpful. Also if you can get the Crafter's companion Ultimate Tool then you will also get this Top Score Box Maker in it and that will be more value to your money spent.

I hope this review was helpful.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swaps and Recent Purchase

Day before yesterday I received swap from Deepti (it was ICR 3X3 Notecard swap), then I received Swap from Neha (which was my Mini Effil Tower Swap) and today I got swap from Karuna (Again, the Mini Effil Tower Swap) along with my order which I made with Karuna few days ago.

First with the lovely notecards swap from Deepti Agarwal, she has sent cute notecards. Here is the pic:

Then Neha Jain sent a lovely card, and some quilled flowers (I love quilled flowers) in a beautiful handmade bag. Here is the pic:

Then today I received my order from Karuna where I purchased Top Score Board, Some Paper Packs (including Tim Holtz 12x12 Paper Pack), etching cream, Ranger Glossy Accent and lots more. She also sent me a 2x12 pastel color cardstock strips and a beautiful handmade card with embossing for the swap.

First I must speak about the products, its less often that whatever you order is better than what you expected and today I was in this situation. I was not expected such great quality products. Even, the quantity of the Etching cream very much, I never expected it. One thing for sure, when you order with Karuna Sud ( then you will get products much better than what you have seen in pictures. For example I ordered K & COMPANY TRANSFERS TO GO -STITCHES on her recommendation (I never tried rubons so I asked her to help me), and believe me, they are extremely beautiful, useful and also of great quality. You can't judge them by picture only. Another really useful tool I purchased through her is my new Crafter's companion Top Score Board, which helps in creating Boxes of any size with extremely ease. I haven't tried it but its another cool feature is that I can use it as ordinary scorer also. A multi purpose tool, and it can also help in creating pop-up cards too :).

She also sent a 2x12 pastel color cardstock strips set and a beautiful handmade card where she has done embossing which is the best embossing I have ever seen till date. Now with her embossing inspiration I will again try to use the embossing powders I ordered with her few months back to get similar results. I will post pics of all the goods I purchased later but right now I am posting the swap pic:

Today I also tried to color on fabric, an easy way. Right now the color is drying so If it went fine then I will soon post regarding it.

Till then Happy Crafting


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stampersue surprise Candy

Stampersue is offering a surprise candy for the person who can give a cool name to her beautiful beaded Girlfriends. They are so beautiful that naming them can be enjoying.

Head over to her blog to see the beautiful beaded doll and also participate in her surprise candy



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ICR 3x3 Swaps

Today I also received my ICR 3X3 Card swap from Dolly Sapru and Priya Sondhi. The cards and bookmarks were beautiful. Here are the pics:

This swap was sent by Dolly Sapra

This swap was sent by Priya Sondhi

Also here is the pic of the swap I sent to my swap partners (two of them have received the package while the third package is still in transit.

Lovely Mini Scrapbook from Anita Kejriwal

Today I received a very beautiful mini scrapbook from Anita Kejriwal for the Mini Effil Tower Swap. Its really beautiful. Here are the pics :

I should have uploaded more pics as every page in this mini scrapbook is unique.

I will be sending her the Effil Tower in a day or two. Also today I dispatched Mallika's Package.

My First Drawer Card

Some time back I saw a tutorial on youtube for a Drawer card and ever since I was wishing to make one. Yesterday I got time to make it. Here it is :

This card has total 8 mini drawers (which are actually made of Match Boxes). You can put mini embellishments.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

8x8 Scrapbook Kit

Finally the 8x8 Scrapbook Kit has arrived. This Kit has 10 Different Designs which are on 5 double sided paper. In every Kit there are 12 Double Sided Papers.

Here is the Designs:

The Pages have glossy finish which look great. Now I will be completing the preorders. Also I have some Extra Kits for sale. The price is increased a little bit due to increase in shipping charges.

The details of the Kit are:

12 Double Sided 8x8 Papers (the size is a little bit less so that you can make exact 8x8 Scrapbook Albums).
Price: INR 90 per Kit (Those who have preordered will receive it for Rs. 70 per Kit)
Shipping: As per Actual
Discount: 20% Discount on orders of 5 or more Kit

Special Offer on Friendship Day: 10% Discount on every order valid for today only.

Another Pic of the Kits which have arrived:

So those who are interested, they can confirm their order today for the extra savings.

I will soon upload some projects with this Kit.

For Questions feel free to Ask.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gift/Candy Boxes

Yesterday I made two Candy Boxes, I made these for gifting candy to my cute little nephews and niece who will visit to us on Rakshabandhan.I have uploaded the Candy Bag Silhouette Studio file on my website

Here is the image:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pumpkin Spice's First Blog Hop

Pumpkin Spice has started their first blog hop.

There are Five blogs in this blog hop, and you will need to comment on each blog. The blog hop dates are from 5th August 2011 to 13th August 2011.

So what are you waiting for???? Go and join the hop.

Pumpkin Spice Blog Hop

Card from Mallika

Yesterday I received a very beautiful card from Mallika which she sent to me for the Mini Effil Tower Swap, now my work starts. I will send her gift to her tomorrow. Till then enjoy her beautiful and lovely Vintage themed card. No doubt we can call her Vintage Queen. The embossing card which she kept inside the main card was also really great.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrapbook Kit Preorder

Today I came across a very good deal, and I am going to order it, but since it is a good deal so I am also sharing it with all of you. Have a look at the following Scrapbook Pages :

These above pages are part of 8x8 Scrapbook Kit which consist of 12 8x8 inch Scrapbook Pages which are on 150 GSM Paper with Glossy Finish. The cost of this Kit is only $1.49. Since I am ordering it in a lot so I can take some preorders for this Kit.

Details of this Kit:

12 8x8 double side printed Scrapbook Pages in Glossy Finish

Cost: $1.49 (INR : Rs. 70 only)

Shipping : As per actual to your place (It will be around Rs. 80-100 upto 250 gm)

Special Offer: Buy 5 or more Kit and you will get 20% Discount.

For more information or preorder please contact me at

Note: Preorders open till 15th August 2011.

Update: Preorders are closed now as I have ordered the Kit and I will update on blog as soon as I get them. Those who have preordered will get the Kit at the same price. But since there is a little price increase due to shipping and customs, the future price might increase by 10-15%. I will update soon.


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