Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newcomer in my family

On 25th August 2011 at 3:34 pm, I was blessed with a baby girl. Now my family is complete. I have returned to home today and my wife is alright, she has to undergo operation as normal delivery was not possible (my first son was also by operation).

Here are the first few pics of my sweet girl (she gets angry very fast)

The above pic is taken after 10 minutes of her birth by my Cell Phone

Above Pic is taken by my Digital Camera

Also I am posting one picture of my Son who love to play with my craft stuffs, like stamps, punches and all other things. It is surprising that even if he is crying badly then also he immediately stops crying when I give him my Martha Stewart Punches and Wooden Stamps.

My son is playing with my little collection of Wooden Stamps.

Have Fun


  1. congrats on your new born .the pic's are so cute.

  2. the pics..and wow!! your son is surely going to take all your stamps and punches...he's showing good aptitude!! :)

  3. This girl will have attitude! Aditya beware!!!

  4. awwweeee... cho cute!!! congrats!!! she's adorable...

  5. Congratulations Aditya...girl is so adorable

  6. congratulations.... ur daughter is adorable...



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