Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Product Review - Top Score Multiboard

Recently I purchased some crafting stuffs from Karuna (, I liked them all but there is one tool which is a kind of life savor, its the Top Score Multiboard. This tool is meant to create Boxes and Pop-up cards but it can also be used as simple scoring tool. I needed one scoring tool for long and now I have one.

First of all the basic features of Top Score Multiboard:

1. You can create any type boxes using it
2. You can create Pop-up cards with it
3. You can create Tri-Fold Cards and Half Fold Cards without any trouble (You won't need to measure as there are predefined lines for Half Fold and Tri Fold)
4. You can create Concertina Card (Its kind of 3 fold card with special cutting)
5. You can emboss the heart shape and a flower shape on any card, paper or box
6. You can use it for scoring also
7. Extremely easy to use


1. The instruction booklet is very basic.
2. There are only two designs for embossing
3. It has unlimited options but you have to find yourself by experimenting

Overall this tool is very useful, its cost is around $15, but when I purchased it through Karuna it costed me around Rs. 1000 (The extra cost was due to import duties and shipping).

Now about the real world use, its important to know how far a product is useful in real world purpose or how fast you can make anything with it, then for your surprise I was able to make some really cool boxes in less than 10 minutes with the help of this tool. Here is a sample box which I made in under 15 minutes (excluding the flower, which I made earlier)

To make this box, I used 2 A4 sheets, then I scored for the box and used Martha Stewart Border Punch. I also decorated it a little, because I was not planning to use for any purpose but for sample only.

But the important thing here is that if you want to make some quick boxes for packing then this tool is very helpful. Also if you can get the Crafter's companion Ultimate Tool then you will also get this Top Score Box Maker in it and that will be more value to your money spent.

I hope this review was helpful.


  1. Very nice review. I also got the Top Score multiboard and I am loving it :)

  2. Thanks for a wonderful review...I too want a score-board and well looking at might be a good option.

  3. Thanks alot Aditya for the review... Even i wanted to buy one but was worried if it of actually any use...
    I love making boxes and bags... I am gonna give it a try...


  4. A tempting product indeed. Thank You for the technical review Aditya

  5. yes! a scoring tool is a must for any crafter. Thats a lovely box and thanks for the kit and tower.

  6. Thanks Aditya!! I am really touched and very happy to read a good review about your shopping at my store -

    Have a great time crafting!



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