Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secret Swap

I am extremely frustrated with courier agencies, they take a packet saying they will deliver then after 15 days they show the status of packet as returned to consignee due to no shipping area. And you know what upon confirmation with them the reply was, they do can't ship to that address because it takes a whole day for the shipment. Funny isn't it. I know its hard to ship only one package and waste whole day, but then whats the point of courier? Why they are charging so heavily?

By the time I am writing this post I didn't received back my packet (I posted it on 3rd august and its 23rd August today.) Since I have to send swap to my swap buddy at ICR so I have created another set of 3 (3x3 cards, envelops) and instead of one this time I have added 2 bookmarks and another card from me.

Here is the picture of my swap :

The bookmarks are sketched using Silhouette SD. They came out beautiful. Only the receiver of package can confirm whether she liked it or not.

If rain stops now then I will speed post it today and hope it will be delivered by the end of week.

Have Fun

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