Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mini Candy Gift House

Finally I got some time to make something, as for past few days I was busy taking care of my wife and kids especially my Son as my wife was taking care of my daughter. And today finally she is going to kitchen, now my tea schedule will come back on time (I drink a lot of tea and coffer). Anyway, since now she is able to handle kitchen so I am free to craft once more. So today I created some Mini Gift Houses in which I can put candy and give to all those little kids who are coming to my home to see the baby.

Though the credit to this project goes to Silhouette SD as the cutting is done by Silhouette and I did only the glue part :). Now I am using the machine more and more. Here is the pic of the House:

This whole model is made using one Photo Paper with the texture printed on it and then I cut it using Silhouette SD. the roof of the house can be opened and it can carry around 8 Melody.

I made around 20 of this and the best part of it that they all were made under 2 hours so a really great time saving.

Today I will try to make some more stuffs and I will upload soon.


  1. WOW this is amazing u must have made all those kids really happy:):)

  2. wow beautiful gift house... and congrats for baby girl...

  3. nice house.... i am despatching the card for the swap finally today.... have been carrying it aorund for so many days but have not managed to reach the courier guy...



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