Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sale - Darice Permanent Adhesive Double Sided Tape Runner

Darice Permanent Adhesive Double Sided Tape Runner

Permanent adhesive goes on easily and bonds quickly for a permanent bond. Double sided means its great for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and crafts in general.

This easy to use dispenser applies double faced adhesive from a compact, easy to use applicator. Used just like correction tape, the glue bonds instantly, cleanly, and wrinkle free.

Perfect for use in scrapbooking, card making, and photo or embellishment mounting applications.

, ACID-FREE and non-refillable.

7 meters (285" per roller). Each includes a protective cap for storage or travel.

1 pc/pkg.

Price: INR 300 per piece. Shipping as per actual.

My Personal Review:

I liked it a lot as it is the most easy way to apply double sided tape on any project. I do have regular double sided tape which is a lot cheaper than this but the trouble in using that tape is a lot, all those who are using the regular double sided tape know the hassles involved. Applying this tape is breeze, just slide where you want to apply and take of the runner the tape will be applied. Its a good alternate to use on papers where using glue makes the paper wet. I love it, though the price is a bit high, but for using it on scrapbooks it is great. Being Acid Free it is safe for archiving photos on your scrapbook. Also since it is permanent so you won't find the photos sticking out with a little force.

If you have regular double sided tape and have no problem in using them then I will say its not useful for you, but if you are fed up with wet glue or don't have double sided tape then this is a great option.

These are non-refillable use and throw tape runners.

I will be using it a lot in my projects thats for sure.

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