Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simple Card

After so much time today I finally got chance to make card, Recently I purchased Paper Mania papers, baker's twine and some punches from Neha Gala (A1Craft Supply) and I must say that the Paper Mania Papers are lovely. The Twine is more lovely than any other crafts supply I have. Punches were cool and cheap as compared to Martha Stewart or any other brand.

So I decided to make a quick card from these supplies and here is the card :

Supplies: Paper Mania 8x8 Paper, Colored Card Stock, Baker's Twine, Die cut Shape (Which Lucy Colaco Sent me) , Butterfly: Used JEF Butterfly punch on glitter paper.

The card was quick and look good, I hope you will like it.


  1. This looks nice Aditya... as a matter of lovely... !!

  2. i m so pleased that u liked all the stuff... there is more coming ur way!! :)

  3. This one is cute... love the way you have used twine to hang up the sentiment up there... lovely..

  4. nice card... simple stuff is more difficult to make I feel...



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