Monday, November 28, 2011

Black white and Red

I made another shdow box....
I made it for one of my frnd cum colleague for his wedding..
Completed it in almost 1 n half hours...just writing text is left...
I loved the way it comes was so clean n perfect...i loved it...

Coming to pic...


Hey...completed it...
Brand new pics :d lol...

The Pattern paper i used is from IMAGINATIONS

Thanks for Visiting..!!!
Do post Comments...!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Layout for Store

Finally I have set up the new layout for, now its based on Opencart. Previously I used Zen Cart for the site but it lacked a lot of reporting features but Opencart has them all. Though during the transition I am not able to migrate my old data from Zen Cart to Opencart but slowly I will build up catalog.

Now enough of the technical blah blah blah, the main point is that we have a new fresh looking layout and we will be slowly adding up products.

Old customers need to register again but now you will be able to get more benefits with this layout so I guess this much hiccup is forgivable.

Also one more important point to notice, Due to certain taxes and fluctuation of the dollar price the prices of products will increase by 4%-12%. Old orders are still for the old prices but any new order will have the new pricing.

Now the benefits for the customer:

1. We have now two shipping options, Flat Shipping and Free Shipping. The flat shipping will be Rs. 250 for any order.
    Free shipping will be for all the orders above Rs. 8000.

2. Prices will be only visible after you log on in the system. (Due to some cache problem the price might show as $ but they are INR)

3. Reward Poinst: This is the latest addition, now from time to time Reward Points will be offered, for example on showcasing our products in your projects, making purchases, referring friends etc. You will have the option to buy items from these Reward Points.

4. We are also working with Debit Card acceptance but still not implementing it because due to service charges levied by the Debit Card/Credit Card processor we will have to increase the prices by 8% (They charge 8% per transaction) Do tell me if you really want this option.

5. We will also have option to Pre-order certain items. So you can pre-order and get them within 15-20 days.

More options will be rolled over time. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 25, 2011

DT Winners

 Hi friends,

Thanks for being so supportive and participating in the DT Call of , to be honest I didn't expected this much number of entries :).

It took a lot of time for me and my partners to check every entry and vote on different aspects. Our criteria was the following:

1. Projects itself
2. Photography
3. Description

There was voting by four of us so someone got more votes from one person while get less votes by other. This is important as due to it we might not have gotten the best person but we have got the persons who are more accepted by all of us.

Without troubling you more with my long post here are our DT members selected by us:

1. Anita Kejriwal
2. Mallika Kejriwal

Apart from these two winners the close runner ups were:

1. Kavi Tha
2. Pooja
3. Kalindi Sharma

So now the fun part, Anita & Mallika are our DT Members (as long as they follow our rules and would like to be our DT members). And Kavi Tha,  Pooja and Kalindi will also receive free DT Goodies in Dec 2011 as being our runner up.

Apart from the above DT members Ujjwal from Handmade with Love and Neha Jain from Steps towards crafting are our honorary DT Member.

Kindly send me your addresses by Email to , so that I may send you DT goodies and also send more information regarding the DT work.

Now some information regarding the store, First of all we are doing a major design change in our store which will reflect soon. Second due many factors the prices of products may increase 5-10% which will be like Rs. 5-10 on a product of Rs. 100, however to cope up with the price increase there will be Flat shipping charge and also Free shipping on certain purchases.

DT members will get special discount and so will be old customers. Don't get upset if you are not selected. All of you were great but unfortunetly some have to be left down.

Also I am looking forward for your suggestions to improve the Store.

Friday, November 18, 2011

For Sale: Used Silhouette SD


Hi friends,

This is first time I am going to sell anything used and I am not very good at this. Anyway, recently I purchased Silhouette Cameo and hence my old Silhouette SD will be of no use, so I want to sell it off.

The following things are included in this sale:

1. Silhouette SD Digital Cutter (almost new in condition with no marks on it, I keep my machines with care) This machine is 7-8 month old but used very less as I have changed the blade only one time.

2. The Cables, Software CD (though the latest software is available on net for free)

3. One Extra Brand New Blade (This is worth Rs. 1300)

4. Free Shipping (atleast worth Rs. 1000)

5. 2 Custom Cutting Mats (not worth much, but will help you in cutting)

What things are damaged : Silhouette Cutting Mats, they were not sticky at all and even with one used they were useless. However I will include them too.

Also I used $10 Card hence to overcome it I will provide a CD containing 20 Designs (Worth $20).

I must say that the condition of the machine is excellent without any mark or any damage. So don't worry about that. I will also include the pic of the machine tomorrow in this post.

Price: Price is not a big issue as the machine is not much use for me, however don't expect it very cheap. I am expecting a price of 11K - 12K, including free shipping, Prices are negotiable. So if you are interested then feel free to mail me. My mail id is

Note: This sale is for India only.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winner of the Blog Candy

Hi, finally I made it. Yes, it was difficult to check all the entries and then number them and select a winner by, It was difficult because due to 14th Nov program and its hangover, I didn't had enough time to do any work. I have to finish lots of pending works. However, as promised the blog candy winner has to be announced and here I present you the lucky person who won the candy...





And the Winner is........

Neha Sharma

her comment:

Neha Sharma said...

Congrtulations on your new store.Your store's website looks impressive.I am very delighted that someone actually took an effort to bring out the craft to India.We are lacking in supplies and your store just comes to our rescue.Best wishes on your beautiful start.

Congratulations. Please send me your address so that I can dispatch your blog candy. My mail id is :

Also for those who didn't won, the DT call is still open and you should try your luck there. And there you will find some surprise too :), Do not miss otherwise do not say that I didn't informed you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Long Post

Friends, first of all sorry that the result of Blog Candy is delayed for one day. Yesterday I was busy with my stall at JP International School, Shahjahanpur and hence today I rested, actually not rested but enjoyed my new car and new HCL Tablet. Today also I received my lot of books which I ordered for, I  will soon upload them to the store.

First of all a little warning, this post is pic heavy.

Now today I wanted to share three great things with you, first the pics of my stall. The event went great and the best thing that there was no person in the whole visitors who missed my stall, everyone visited us and were fascinated with the cool craft supplies, papertoys, handmade cards and quilled envelops (which was sent by Neha Jain). My stall also won the Best stall prize and I got a Mobile Phone as prize.

Some Pics:

Hand Made Cards and Quilled Envelops

Pie Lane Products

A View of products

Me along with my partner Kumar Singh

Pattern Paper Pads

Stamps and Ink Pads

Paper Toys, The Gods Paper Toys are by Toonoholic

Second, today I received my books lot and though there are many books and comics in that lot which will soon be added to the online store but the one which I loved most and is most notable one is : Papertoy Monsters: 50 Cool Papertoys you can make yourself, this book is imported from US and is a compilation of 50 scary (actually cute) Paper Monsters designed by Castleforte and 24 more papertoy designers.The best part of this book is that all the toys are precut, prescored, so basically you will need to pop-out, fold and glue to make your own. This book will soon be available to order through Imaginationsonline. The Indian Price of this book is Rs. 900 but for limited time I will be offering free shipping with this book. The stock is limited and I won't be importing more before next year, so you can get one now or wait till Jan if you missed.

Here are pics of the Book Cover and all the toys it have:

Third and last, on Sunday I created 20 cards in less than 3 hours and they all were liked in the stall, I am so happy that I want you all to get bored by seeing them, hence I am posting all the pics here :)

Embellishment : Pie Lane
Stamp: Digi Stamp by sliekje
Butterfly : JEF Punch, paper from same collection

Paper Used: Free Bird Paper
Butterfly : MS Butterfly Punch, paper from Echo Park Be Mine Collection

Embellishment : Peachy Keen
Rubon:  Life Quotes

Paper Used: Multiple Scraps
Embellishment : Peachy Keen
and random Die Cut

Sorry, I couldn't add all the info of items used right now as it is tiresome work. I will add details over coming days, however all the items used in the above cards are available through

Do tell me if you liked them?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaves cut box

Here is a lovely box which I made using the Template from A little Hut. I cut using X-Acto knife and it came out beautifully.

I will create more soon and upload pics here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Treat Box for a Bday {Star}

frnds... This is my DT post for IMAGINATIONS ONLINE

These days...i m getting crazy about boxes...
tries many...but not that much happy...

But i completed this star shaped treat box...

Well....who wont want a treat box full of Handmade chocolates (By Me) on his/her bday...!!!

Coming to pic...

Used black card stoke (local purchase)
Pattern paper is from IMAGINATIONS

The sentiment is a rub on and is from IMAGINATIONS
Tag i used was a scrap...Perfectly fitted here :D

Hope u will like it...

Thanks for Visiting...!!!
Do post comments...!!!

Lovely Card by Ujjwal

Ujjwal has made a really beautiful card using the First Edition Paper's Love Letters Pattern Papers, and Melburry Paper Flowers. I must say that I was stunned with the simplicity of the card and without speaking anything else I must share the card pic:

Quoting Ujjwal:

"I used different papers from the Love Letter paper pad and arranged  them in strips with width in ascending order from left to right. I wanted the papers to shine and so decided not to add much details on this one. For the sentiment, I used a sticker from the Echo Park Victoria Garden Collection and added some mulberry flowers to finish off the card."

One more thing I wanted to share, Ujjwal is our store's Honorary Designer, since she is already busy with many prior commitments so she won't be able to make much projects for us, but still she might be able to show  her creativity every now and then.

The call for Designer of Imaginations is still open.  Do apply

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Explosion Box

Today I created my first Explosion box, I have never tried to create Explosion boxes but since I found a template for Explosion box on Silhouette Online so I decided to create one. I used a variety of resources which I will list later. First pics of the box:

Items used:

* Silhouette For die cutting the shape
* Colored Card Stocks (available at Imaginations)
*  Pattern Papers of Grace Taylor and Echo Park Be Mine Collection (available at Imaginations)
* Butterfly die cut by Martha Stewart Punch
* Center Flower Sticker of Kaisercraft Stich Stickers (available at Imaginations)
* Top lid Doily shape cut by Silhouette SD
* Flower on the lid is by Pie Lane

I hope you will like this box.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shortcode for Imaginations


We have enabled Shortcode service for Imaginations. Now you can use the following keywords to get specific information on Imaginations.

SMS the following keywords to 56161* to get more information


* Premium SMS charges apply.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Magic of Mod-Podge: on Switch Boards


I tried Mod-Podge on my switch board, this time I wanted to decorate the dirty switch boards but do not want to change them as it would have taken time and money also, but bigger problem was that we do not have shops here which sell decorative switch boards.

This was my first attempt but the result is much beautiful than what it looks in the pic.

Here is the pic:

Items Used:

Do you like it? Please comment.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Magic of Mod-Podge - Coasters

 Recently I added Mod-Podge in the inventory of Imaginations and I was wondering if I could use it on any project. The reason is this that almost everything can be created with Mod-Podge. You might not believe but if you want your roon door to be colorful with your fav pattern paper then it is also possible. Mod-Podge is an adhesive and permanent sealer. It also protects paper, if you apply one or two coat on paper.

I tried to make a basic item using Mod-Podge which is versatile and most used in any household, Cardboard Coasters.

The items used are:

* Mod-Podge Gloss-Lustre Finish
* 3x3 inch Cardboard (I got it from local stationary store)
* Acrylic paint or any other paint (color of your choice, I used Black)
* Brush
* Pattern Paper, I used Echo Park Victoria Garden 6x6 Collection
* Bryar (optional, it is used to remove any bubbles or smudges, I used Slice Elite Brayer)
* Paper Punch (optional, I used it to add a layer of punched paper)

Without any further text I am presenting you my final product

* Color one side of Cardboard with black color, this will be our base
* Apply a medium coat of Mod-Podge on the uncolored side of the cardboard
* Put paper on the mod-podge layer and use brayer to fix it evenly or use your hands to do it.
* after 20 minutes of drying, apply a coat of Mod-Podge over the paper, including the sides of the cardboard
* Let it dry, again after 20-30 minutes apply another coat of Mod-Podge, if you feel it is too much Glossy then sand it a little bit.
* After another 20-30 minutes, turn around and put a coat of mod podge on the back of the cardboard, the colored side. This will make the back side also waterproof.

Now use them, they are waterproof but that doesn't mean you can put them in water for hours, it will definitively damage it.

Since I used Gloss-Lustre Finish so the final result had shining effect, if I used Matt finish Mod-Podge then effect would be dull. Its your choice.

There are lots more projects that can be made using Mod-Podge, and now I am going to use it for more important purpose, i.e. to do some changeover in my room. Will show pic when it is ready.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi

Recently I came to know about a great Artist Kshiraj Telang, he creates wonder really I am not saying anything wrong here because when you will see his work you will say only one word "WOWWWWWW".

He is in process of launching his new Store for Paper Toys : Toonoholic DIY Paper Toys

His store is still under construction but soon it will be online and then you can purchase his toys for very cheap prices. The quality of product is very great comparing to the price, I mean you won't expect a 300 GSM sheet with beautiful paper toys pattern printed for just Rs. 49/-.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to have his latest creation Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi Paper Toys just on the Day of Dhanteras and I created them. They were looking so beautiful that at one moment the thought struck to me that this year we do not need Ganesh Laxmi pair to be purchased but instead we do our pooja. Isn't it funny :)

Anyway without further boring with my talks here is the pic of toys I made from Kshiraj Telang's DIY Paper Toy Template:

Do let me know how you like them and also make a visit to Toonholic's Facebook page to know more future additions of paper toys and also the launch of their website.


Imaginations Oct 2011 Customer Lucky Winner


I have decided to offer a small gift to one of the lucky customer every month. The prize is not very big but is sure enough to bring smile on the face. The prize will be surprise till the winner receive it.

I used random customer from the 12 Customers of Oct 2011. I also gave extra entries to those who have ordered more than Rs. 5000, for eg. one extra entry for order above 5000, two extra entry for order above 10000 and so on.

So the total Entries were 18,

and the winner of Oct 2011 Store gift is:


Kavi Tha

I will dispatch your prize before 5th Nov 2011 by Speed Post.

Thanks and Enjoy

Also for Nov 2011, I have decided to have some surprise, it will be revealed after 14th Nov 2011 when I will announce the winner of Imaginations Store Candy.

The DT Call for Imaginations is still open, don't forget to add your project.


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