Friday, November 25, 2011

DT Winners

 Hi friends,

Thanks for being so supportive and participating in the DT Call of , to be honest I didn't expected this much number of entries :).

It took a lot of time for me and my partners to check every entry and vote on different aspects. Our criteria was the following:

1. Projects itself
2. Photography
3. Description

There was voting by four of us so someone got more votes from one person while get less votes by other. This is important as due to it we might not have gotten the best person but we have got the persons who are more accepted by all of us.

Without troubling you more with my long post here are our DT members selected by us:

1. Anita Kejriwal
2. Mallika Kejriwal

Apart from these two winners the close runner ups were:

1. Kavi Tha
2. Pooja
3. Kalindi Sharma

So now the fun part, Anita & Mallika are our DT Members (as long as they follow our rules and would like to be our DT members). And Kavi Tha,  Pooja and Kalindi will also receive free DT Goodies in Dec 2011 as being our runner up.

Apart from the above DT members Ujjwal from Handmade with Love and Neha Jain from Steps towards crafting are our honorary DT Member.

Kindly send me your addresses by Email to , so that I may send you DT goodies and also send more information regarding the DT work.

Now some information regarding the store, First of all we are doing a major design change in our store which will reflect soon. Second due many factors the prices of products may increase 5-10% which will be like Rs. 5-10 on a product of Rs. 100, however to cope up with the price increase there will be Flat shipping charge and also Free shipping on certain purchases.

DT members will get special discount and so will be old customers. Don't get upset if you are not selected. All of you were great but unfortunetly some have to be left down.

Also I am looking forward for your suggestions to improve the Store.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! can't wait to see what the DT team comes up with... Cheers!


  2. Congratulation to the winners..

  3. thankyou so much for having faith in my work .. i m super happy
    just shooted you with emails

  4. GREAT!!! I,m thrilled.Thank you so much! I'll try and put up my best effort!!!

  5. congrats mallika (Hugs my dear buddy ) and Anita :) have fun u guys ! :)
    God bless lookin fwd to ur work !

  6. congrats to the DT...and looking forward to some great inspiration.



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