Friday, November 18, 2011

For Sale: Used Silhouette SD


Hi friends,

This is first time I am going to sell anything used and I am not very good at this. Anyway, recently I purchased Silhouette Cameo and hence my old Silhouette SD will be of no use, so I want to sell it off.

The following things are included in this sale:

1. Silhouette SD Digital Cutter (almost new in condition with no marks on it, I keep my machines with care) This machine is 7-8 month old but used very less as I have changed the blade only one time.

2. The Cables, Software CD (though the latest software is available on net for free)

3. One Extra Brand New Blade (This is worth Rs. 1300)

4. Free Shipping (atleast worth Rs. 1000)

5. 2 Custom Cutting Mats (not worth much, but will help you in cutting)

What things are damaged : Silhouette Cutting Mats, they were not sticky at all and even with one used they were useless. However I will include them too.

Also I used $10 Card hence to overcome it I will provide a CD containing 20 Designs (Worth $20).

I must say that the condition of the machine is excellent without any mark or any damage. So don't worry about that. I will also include the pic of the machine tomorrow in this post.

Price: Price is not a big issue as the machine is not much use for me, however don't expect it very cheap. I am expecting a price of 11K - 12K, including free shipping, Prices are negotiable. So if you are interested then feel free to mail me. My mail id is

Note: This sale is for India only.

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