Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi

Recently I came to know about a great Artist Kshiraj Telang, he creates wonder really I am not saying anything wrong here because when you will see his work you will say only one word "WOWWWWWW".

He is in process of launching his new Store for Paper Toys : Toonoholic DIY Paper Toys

His store is still under construction but soon it will be online and then you can purchase his toys for very cheap prices. The quality of product is very great comparing to the price, I mean you won't expect a 300 GSM sheet with beautiful paper toys pattern printed for just Rs. 49/-.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to have his latest creation Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi Paper Toys just on the Day of Dhanteras and I created them. They were looking so beautiful that at one moment the thought struck to me that this year we do not need Ganesh Laxmi pair to be purchased but instead we do our pooja. Isn't it funny :)

Anyway without further boring with my talks here is the pic of toys I made from Kshiraj Telang's DIY Paper Toy Template:

Do let me know how you like them and also make a visit to Toonholic's Facebook page to know more future additions of paper toys and also the launch of their website.



  1. Fantastic. We make a lot of paper toys at home--My kiddo and I buy the Navneet models. They are good but we have nearly finished their range so nice to see something new!

  2. Wow awesome, colorful n cheerful too.


  3. i already liked it :D long time back..

  4. wow!! these are amazing!! looking forward to buy something for my kid too ..:) do they ship to Chennai?

  5. hey Aditya, I never knew, you have some amazing papercraft tutorial blogs!!very informative shows ur keen interest!!hats off to you!! you are multi talented!!

  6. Thanks a lot Aditya for writing a beautiful blogpost on my paper toys! :)



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