Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Layout for Store

Finally I have set up the new layout for, now its based on Opencart. Previously I used Zen Cart for the site but it lacked a lot of reporting features but Opencart has them all. Though during the transition I am not able to migrate my old data from Zen Cart to Opencart but slowly I will build up catalog.

Now enough of the technical blah blah blah, the main point is that we have a new fresh looking layout and we will be slowly adding up products.

Old customers need to register again but now you will be able to get more benefits with this layout so I guess this much hiccup is forgivable.

Also one more important point to notice, Due to certain taxes and fluctuation of the dollar price the prices of products will increase by 4%-12%. Old orders are still for the old prices but any new order will have the new pricing.

Now the benefits for the customer:

1. We have now two shipping options, Flat Shipping and Free Shipping. The flat shipping will be Rs. 250 for any order.
    Free shipping will be for all the orders above Rs. 8000.

2. Prices will be only visible after you log on in the system. (Due to some cache problem the price might show as $ but they are INR)

3. Reward Poinst: This is the latest addition, now from time to time Reward Points will be offered, for example on showcasing our products in your projects, making purchases, referring friends etc. You will have the option to buy items from these Reward Points.

4. We are also working with Debit Card acceptance but still not implementing it because due to service charges levied by the Debit Card/Credit Card processor we will have to increase the prices by 8% (They charge 8% per transaction) Do tell me if you really want this option.

5. We will also have option to Pre-order certain items. So you can pre-order and get them within 15-20 days.

More options will be rolled over time. Stay tuned.


  1. ye apki website mere ghar k system s kabhi open ni hoti :( ofic s hoti h :(




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