Sunday, December 25, 2011

ShinHan Touch Markers Review

Recently I came across ShinHan Touch Markers and since the cost of these markers is almost half of the Copic Marker with most of the features same as Copics, it caught my interest and I immediately decided to add it to my store. I ordered one sample pack which I received yesterday and I tried it. I was extremely happy with the result. Since I do not have Copics and never used Copics so I can't compare it with Copics but I can safely tell you pros and cons of these markers.

First of all a bit info on these according to the company:

The best value in high-end permanent markers! 
  • Odorless and permanent 
  • More ink, very few additives
  • Extremely rich and intense colors
  • The best fade-resistance of any marker
  • Easy shading, by layering color
  • Non-streaking, even application, superb nylon tips
  • Square barrel, won't roll off tables
  • Colorless blender for gradations and soft blends 
  • Excellent for sketching anywhere, graphic compositions, fashion drawing, interior designing, mechanical illustration, and more!
Now my experience:

First they are not completely odorless, you will have some odor of alcohol while using them but it vanishes quickly, so your projects will be odorless.

They are non-refillable (so far I came to know about this from various sites and reviews) *
*They are refillable

They have a good quality nib and colors are also lovely, the main work of blending works great with them too. There is also one colorless blender marker which can be used for much improved blending. However I rarely needed the colorless blender as the normal blending was good for me.

Here are two different images which I tried to color using ShinHan Touch Markers (pack of 12, Pastel Colors):

This one is colored on a Stamped Image which is from Vintage theme of La Blanche Stamps. I love this stamp and after coloring it using Touch Markers, I could only say wowww. The colors blended perfectly with the flowers which came out beautifully. There were only two colors used for flowers and the effect is far better than I would have obtained from any other colors.

This Digi Stamp is from Sliekje Digital Stamps (Free to download from her blog). This was my first coloring using Alcohol markers so couldn't keep track of the edges, later I found the trick i.e. to keep one extra sheet of paper under the coloring image so that it may not smudge.

The main Pros of the Marker are:
  • Projects don't contain odor
  • Cheap Alternate to Copics
  • The Nibs are more stronger
  • The thicker edge is more thick than copic (I found this info online)
  • Blends perfectly
  • Fade resistant
  • Good grip
  • Good range of colors (Total 168 Colors till date)
  • They are refillable (I came to know about this on 15th Jan 2012)

The cons of the Marker are:

  • They are non-refillable

The ShinHan Touch Markers are manufactured in Korea. One thing for sure, if you are user of Copics then you might not find them good enough but if you are First time user then it will be best for you.

Note: The above review is based on my experience with the markers, this experience may vary according to people and their usage pattern.


  1. your creations are so fun...Cute blog..

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my blog candy... Good Luck
    Happy New Year.

  2. Just came across your review via Google Search - thanks for the review! I've been looking at purchasing some markers, but Copics were out of my price range. These just may be 'the' thing!



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