Saturday, December 3, 2011

Special Announcement

Hi friends,

December is here and to celebrate the Winter, Christmas and to welcome the coming new year, we at Imaginations have decided to offer a discount coupon to all of our customers.

The coupon code is : "CRAFTZONE"

How much will you save with this coupon? Well it is for you to find out :)

Please note: This is one coupon per customer so you can use it only once.

Also you can enjoy the Free Shipping if your order total is above Rs. 8000/- so it will be double bonanza for you.

And for those who want Big Shot, the preorder is open (due to its huge demand we are unable to even stock machine for a single day, even I can't have my own big shot :( everytime it goes to our lovely customers). If you preorder your big shot now then you can also get advantage of the above coupon code.

Hurry, the coupon expires on 31st Dec 2011.

For those who are wondering about the prices on the site, the prices will be visible only when you log on to the site so if you haven't registered yet, its a good time. Who knows this Christmas Santa will gift you some Reward Points :)

PS: There is always one free gift with every order, which is surprise for you.


  1. I just ordered few things from imaginations but where to or how to use this coupon

  2. You have to use it at checkout. Since you didn't used it so I am giving you the effective discount.



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