Monday, January 16, 2012

Kaisercraft Beyond the Page MDF Drawers

Hi, my past three days were extremely busy and today I am a bit relaxed. First of all my consignment arrived and I spent lot of time to sort out the items and then ship them to the customers as soon as possible, this process was time consuming as this time almost all the items were preordered and due to sheer number of orders, preparing the order, packing of all the stuff and then shipping. It took the best time of the past three days. Anyway, today I have shipped all the past orders and now looking forward for more orders :).

Apart from the work of Imaginations, there is one more thing worth mentioning, the Blog Hop organized by Neha and other crafters. I was so surprised and amazed that I do not have any word to describe the happiness I got from their efforts. Thanks a lot.

Apart from above I was also busy in preparing and decorating the Kaisercraft Beyond the Page MDF Drawers, first of all it is extremely lovely product. MDF is strong as Plyboard and has less weight. Its easy to color and fix papers or decorate. I spent whole day of my Birthday :) i.e. 15th Jan on decorating the Drawers, it came out so lovely that for past 2 days I kept it on my table but unfortunetly I had to part from it today because my Bua liked it so much that she immediately paid for it and took it with her :( . But I am not very sad as I will soon create one much better than this.

So without any further talk I am showing you the pics. These pics are taken in hurry in evening, so the quality is not very great.

Items used: Kaisercraft Beyond the Page Drawer, Value Paper Pack (90 sheets), Shades of Love Paper pack, Paper Flowers, Custom Die cut cupcake, Plastic shape (custom, self made), the digi stamps on two drawers are from sliekje colored using Shinhan Touch Markers, die cut shapes from Humming Bird Collection & Wellis & Brellas Chipboard - Flourish

Do let me know if you like it. I will also try to make one more very soon with some different papers :)



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