Saturday, January 28, 2012

Magic of Mod Podge

 Hi friends,

Its long time since I posted as due to my sister's wedding which is scheduled on 9th Feb 2012, I am extremely busy and I am working hard to just keep the orders shipped on time. I hardly get any chance to make any projects. Yesterday I got chance to try the new Mod Podge Matte Mat Finish, its new addition to Imaginations store and is wonderful, Mod Podge itself is a great product but this Matte Mat Finish Mod Podge overcome the problem I faced with Glossy Finish Mod Podge i.e. Stickyness & Brush Strokes.

Yesterday I found an old unused Tray, I decided to try Mod Podge on it and the result was so good that the tray is again used for serving tea to guest :)

Here is the pic of the old tray:

This was the old tray.

This is the final tray

1. Added a layer of Mod Podge on the tray
2. Added the paper which was cut according to the shape of the tray
3. After 20 minutes of drying, added a coat of Mod Podge
4. After another 30 minutes of drying, added second coat of Mod Podge

This tray can be wiped by wet cloth, it can endure water too but don't try to wash it with soap and detergent (I would not dare :) )

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