Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some CAS Cards

Today I am sharing some CAS cards I made yesterday evening. Whenever I had to give card to someone at random I always face problem that I do not have any card ready for that particular occassion, whether it may be birthday, anniversary or any other events. So I decided to make some blank cards where I can add just a little tag and the card will be ready to be given.

Here is what I made. I also made some variants of it with different pattern papers. The cards are simple to make and if you have Rosette premade then you can make these cards under 15 minutes. Tutorial is available as Free Download from, here is the link: CAS Card Tutorial . This is my first ever PDF tutorial, so kindly give your valuable feedback.

The best part of these cards is that in the blank space you can add any tag and it will be ready for the event :)

Also here is something which I wanted to share, a Paper Toy. Guess Who?


  1. All the cas cards are really pretty! and the paper toy is awesome! and we can guess who it is...!

  2. Omg this toy actually looks exactly like you...its amazing!!...i really like your cards simple and so elegant...appropriate for all occasions...the rossettte looks so fab!!!

  3. paper toy looks like you aditya... :D.. nice cards.. these are versatile and really can be given instantly... :D

  4. really cool cards .they are so pretty n elegant and the toy"aditiya"is handsome

  5. very nice cards!! I,ve seen that man somewhere. Looks familiar!!!!



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