Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Spl Wedding Card for My Brother

Hi frnds...
Long time i updated anything here...
i was quiet busy in shopping for my cousin's marriage.
Also i had to host Paper Quilling Workshop at my Office which was held on 20th june and was a super duper hit.
i just loved it...
u can see the Coverage here 

Meanwhile i was hell lot of busy in making the spl wedding card of my cousin's marriage...i was quiet nervous regarding the output...but thanks to my angel Rajni came out 100 times better than i thought...this is my first Full fledged Quilling Project.

very sweet very unique card...
the feedback of that card from the relatives was amazing...some thought flowers must have been bought from market...some were shocked to hear that flowers are handmade and are of paper....everyone's eye brow was raised after knowing that its a handmade no no no totally handmade Card.. :D

i was literally on cloud nine that day (26 June) when the card was presented publicly in the function :)
everyone wanted to meet the creator thats me :D i felt like a celebrity hehehe

Well...lots of gossip is done...let me show u the card now :D

Full View of the card
Close up of Invitation Flaps

The Die Cuts are all From Imaginations Online Store

I would love it if everyone visiting this post leaves some feedback :)

Thanks for visiting..!!!
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  1. this is just gorgeous Neha...i love this entire concept and your quilling is simply fabulous!!!

  2. very pretty card and quilling is just awesome !!

  3. fabulous card!!! i just love the quilled flowers..



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