Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating Stickers with Epoxy

You might have seen Epoxy stickers from Basic Grey, Making Memories and different other brands. Though they are lovely but still they are very costly. A pack of 6 epoxy stickers cost around Rs. 300-500. Here is a very simple method to make it at home at One third of the cost. Here is what you will be able to make:

(Sorry for the alignment, it should be Best Friends :) )

Anyway, Here is the tutorial:

Items Required:
2. Some printout or pattern paper (there are lots of Bottlecap designs available online). Don't use Glossy Paper as it will damage the epoxy.
3. Scissor (you can also use 1" Circle Punch)
4. Double Sided Tape (the one which comes with backing)

Here are the steps:

1. Take the printout of the design you want to use
2. On the back side of the design, put the double sided tape (this will help us in making the sticker).
3. Cut the circle or punch out the design
4. Put the epoxy blank over the top of the design

Now its ready. Whenever you need to use it, simple peel off the backing paper of the double sided tape and fix it. It looks lovely on the cards/scrapbooks.

Tip: Even if you don't have the Epoxy blank and you want to make stickers then you can use the step 1-3 to make your own custom stickers.

The Epoxy blanks are excellent and I am in love with this product. I will soon show more work which have made using these stickers. Till then here is a sneak peak on how it looks :


  1. Nice idea to create epoxy stickers !!

  2. Liked the nice and step by step DIY tutorial..gr8 idea for making personalised stickers for friends and family.

  3. wooow those are niece and nephew abroad have been doing these in their class projects ..happy that now we can get epoxy blanks in india with u!!!!

  4. Wooww niece and nephew hv been doing this in their school projects at abroad...nice to know we can now get epoxy blanks in India at ur store !!!

  5. Wow!! These epoxy blanks sound fun!! Will surely want to give them a try sometime...thanks for the idea!!



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