Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Dhanteras and Diwali

Hello Crafter Friends,

First of all accept my wishes for the Dhanteras and Diwali. Now some chit chat, I wanted to share regarding my absence from blog world, updation of Imaginations website and lots more. Actually I was not absent totally but instead busy with lots of things at the same time, even as of today I have pending works which will take another 15 days to finish if I don't take any other load for next 2 weeks.

At first I wanted to share the word of my Physical store which is being started 3 months back in Shahjahanpur with some cool news but now it seems I don't have enough time to figure everything, won't be able to provide any candy at this time due to lack of time. Anyway, the store which I have opened is taking a lot of effort and time. First my half day goes into college where I teach and second half goes into the shop and related affairs. I have made a lot of things in past 2 months but couldn't post because most of time they got sold instantly. Apart from this I also spent a lot of time fulfilling online orders. The only reason why I am happy is that my customers like my services.

Apart from shop, online business and college I was also working on promotion of my business by putting stalls in various fairs, schools, taking workshops and also by introducing new products (which will soon be updated on the website). Recently I finished some custom card orders which included order from the DM (District Magistrate) of Shahjahanpur for her personal get together party. Even for some days I had to work till 2 am in night. But that was all fun experience. I am extremely sorry that due to all this I was unable to update my website with the new products which have arrived and can't provide you the deals which I have to offer. There are lots of new products like Tim Holtz Dies, Inkpads, Brads and more which I can offer at extremely great prices (a lot cheaper than what others may offer) but it will take some time before I could update them on website.

I will try to soon update the website but till then I am sorry, if you have any questions or any product inquiry, feel free to ask me because during whole time I have tried to keep my customers happy :)

Soon I will be back, till then happy crafting...


  1. happy diwali aditya .may god bless you all sucess and prosperity.congrats for all your new ventures.

  2. Wow, Aditya... you have been keeping quite busy and for good :) Wish you all the success in all the endeavour you take :)



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