Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winner of the April 2012 Contest

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. 

This year my first aim is to complete all the unfinished tasks I have and I am starting with the oldest task which I completely forgotten if Dr. Sonia might not have reminded me. The April Contest

After going through all the projects which were lovely it was a little bit difficult to choose so I selected randomly and here are the winner list :

Jaya Raghuvanshi  (My Craft World)

Three Runner ups with Rs. 500/- credit to our store are :

Poornima  (Paper Craft Horizon)
Dr. Sonia SV  (Card, Craft, Kids Projects)
Khushboo  (Something Sassy)

Please mail me your addresses and list of products to claim your prizes.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the delay in announcing the winners.


  1. Thank you Aditya. There are quite a few things I need from your shop so will do that soon

  2. Thanks a lot Aditya for chossing me as one of the winner..it was worth waiting for the results..Wish you a very happy new year !!

  3. Thank Aditya... I just saw the post as I was out of town...!!Am I still eligible to claim the prize??

  4. Yes Khushboo, you are still eligible. Just mail me.



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