Monday, April 8, 2013 's New daily 1 Rs. Deal


I am happy to present you a new offer which is running at website. The offer is very simple, each day we will mark one item at Rs. 1/- , you will need to find it and then order it before the item is sold out. This promotion will run till 30th April 2013.

Imaginations - Online Craft Supply Store in India

Here are some terms and conditions which you should follow:

1. You will need to order same day and should make the payment within 24 hours or the order will be automatically cancelled.
2. You can't club 2 days order in one. If you want to get daily deals then you will need to make daily orders and pay accordingly.
3. Shipping won't be clubbed.
4. Rain Checks not allowed.
5. Only 1 item per customer at the deal price.

Infact with recent changes in my online store I have also made some changes in order and payments. Now if you want to order any item over e-mail then please do not that I won't be keeping stuffs for more than 2 days. If you have not made payment within 2 days of your order then I won't keep it block any further. I hope you all can understand because sometimes items are in demand and people want their items blocked for 5-7 days before they can make payment, this request won't be entertained in future.

From now onwards, Free shipping will be on orders above Rs. 2500/- (recently shipping charges have increased a lot). One thing is for sure that I will use the best possible shipping option for you like First Flight courier, Bluedart, DTDC or Speed Post. In any case, I will never use cheap and unreliable courier services which many do to save money.


  1. Woooow... this sounds awesome aditya....

  2. Wow! Nice.. Can't wait to try!

    Right now I see the Tim Holtz Ideology Metal-Box feet foundations on daily deal, and it is sold out. Is it today's deal or yesterday's?

    I also have another question, at what time will the new deal be up every day?


  3. @Vithya, Daily deals are updated each day after 4 pm.

  4. Thanks Aditya. I just checked your store, and it looks like the new item is already sold out, and it is not 4 PM yet! :O

    1. The item you checked was yesterday's

      I haven't updated the today's item yet. It will be live after 4 pm.

  5. Thanks Aditya. I just checked your store, and the new item is already sold out, and it is not even 4 PM! :O

  6. Ok :) I saw 2 items priced at rupee 1. So, I was a bit confused. Sorry for the trouble!



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