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Polymer Clay Magic

Recently at we have started stocking Polymer Clay and its tools. In this post I will give information on various types of polymer clay, what is polymer clay and the different tools, what you can make with polymer clay along with some links to super cool tutorials.

What is Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a synthetic clay which is made using Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride. It comes in hard form and before using it you need to condition it i.e. make it soft by either using pasta roller or by your own hands (the process is kneeding). Conditioning by hands is simple, all you need to do is to keep pressing the clay with your fingers untill it is soft and moldable.

Polymer Clay stays soft until you cure it. Curing means baking it at 120 or 130 degree Centigrade temperature for 20 minutes or more in regular Oven (You can't use Microwave for polymer clay). This may seem troublesome for many but this is the main quality of polymer clay. Unlike Air dry clay which gives you very little time to work with Polymer Clay gives you plenty of time to play and work on it.

Different Types of Polymer Clay

There are different brands of polymer clay named Sculpey, Fimo, Kato and many more. They all have different sturdyness and for beginners the soft clay i.e. Sculpey Premo and Fimo is recommended. You may try different clays to find which one suits best for you. A descriptive information on Different Types of Polymer Clay is available at Asian Whimsy Blog Post Polymer Clay 101 - Different Types of Polymer Clay

Tools Used for Polymer Clay

There are plenty of tools available for Clay Modelling and you can use all of those with Polymer Clay. The only thing which you may need apart from the regular modelling clay tools is a sharp blade which will help you in making cuts on clay without distorting the design you made. I worked with regular Paper Cutter (I removed its outer casing so I got the whole blade and it works fine.

Another Tool is Sculpey Bake and Bond it is one of the most useful product. Sometime your project may contain various parts which may be needed to bake separately. After baking you can use the Sculpey Bake and Bond to fix the different parts and then rebake for 5-10 minutes and it will be fixed. Think of it as Polymer Clay Glue. You will need it if you want to make Clay figurines or Dolls or even a Clay scene where you will bake separate things and then join them all.

Sometime keeping clay for longer period may harden the clay, it won't effect you much as the shelf life of polymer clay is very long but in case it has hardened and its hard to kneed it, all you need is Sculpey Clay Softner, drop one or two drops in clay and then kneed. Your clay will be soft.

After your project is finished, you will need to color some parts using regular Acrylic Colors, then give the final finish by adding glaze on the finished product. Triple Thick Brilliant Brush on Glaze is one such product which gives thrice the glaze in just one coat. You won't even need to put second coat.

Apart from the above tools, you can use any metal embellishments which your clay projects. Anything which do not burn or distort in 130 degree centigrade will work fine, even beads and crystals will work well.


Oven is important thing for Polymer clay as you will need it to bake your projects. Use a oven which don't fluctuate heat as you will not to burn your clay. some safety advice, always keep the voltage to 120 degree, open up your windows as if clay is burnt then it will release very bad odour. Do keep an eye on the baking process in starting.

Many people recommend using separate oven, well definetly if you are going to make a lots of clay projects then you will need a separate oven but if you just want to try with one or two projects initially then you can work with your regular oven and clean it after your work is done. Its as simple as this that if you want to cut your craft item for once then you can use your kitchen knife and clean it but if you want to do it on regularly basis then its better to invest on it. Same case is with oven.

One more thing, use aluminum foil while baking. It will help you in saving from the direct heat. Use it as tent around your clay piece. It will help a lot.

What you can make with Polymer Clay

There are 100s of projects which you can make using polymer clay, till date I have tried with some i.e. making Figurine, Keychains, covering boxes, dolls, Canes, covering various objects with clay and making Jwellery pendants, beads etc.

There are hundreds of pictures on, pinterest and google for items which you can make with polymer clay. Do have a look at them and then you will find what are the things which can be made.

Here is pic of what I made recently:

Some Cool Tutorials

Make your own Dragon (same as I made on previous image) (Infact you will get lots of tutorials from the website)
Video Tutorial on how to make Flower Cane
9 Fun Tutorials
Justice League Character Flash (as in my pic with one pen drive inside)
Video Tutorial on Making Polymer Clay Batman
Video Tutorial on Polymer Clay Little Mermaid
Lots of Video Tutorials on Polymer Clay

More I will add soon.

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