Thursday, August 21, 2014

Altered photoframe!!!

 Hey Peeps,

This post is something altogether different than what the Theme is for the current month challenge!!!
I'm here with an altered photoframe!!! When I received this pretty 'FAMILY' photoframe from IMAGINATIONS,  I was clueless on how do I go about making it look altogether different and pretty!!! ALTERED ART is what came to my rescue!!!!
The moment I zeroed upon altered art, I knew that it has to be done all turquoise!!! This pretty color brings in a calming effect and is all soothing to the eyes! My favorite color!!! I'm so biased towards this color :)
But then, this was probably the first time I was doing it at a big scale and I was a little apprehensive, but when I started doing it, there was no looking back!!!

Here's what I did to the frame !!!

Lots of different things done and applied!!! All the flowers are handmade using the joy-craft dies!!!!

Here are a few closer shots of each panel!

Did you see the nice texture the frame has??? It has been done with Gesso and homemade texture paste, and yeah, I applied it all using the hands and needless to say... messy too is pretty for sure!!!

I pretty much love this feathery panel and that pretty quote... "This story means the world to me", Indeed, my family  means the world to me!! :)

Did you noticed that nice bunting on top adorned with the pearls.. I simply love it!

I hope that you liked this attempt of mine and I'm sure gonna explore this art more and more, for altered art is very very interesting !!! 

Take care and Happy Crafting!


  1. Turquoise is def a calming colour. Love d little pretties - the banner, pearls, flowers etc.

    1. Yeah, this color is such a soothing one!!! love it!
      Thank you for liking the frame!

  2. The texture n turquoise go very well together

    1. Thank you!!! Glad that you liked it Urvashi !! :)

  3. beautifully decorated Manu. iam so in love with your handmade roses.



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