Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monsoon fun!

 Hey Peeps!!

So this month has been all about the Monsoon season, I know we very much love this time of the year, as there is ample of rain, which brings along with it nice weather and lots of fun!!! and yes, not to forget that earthen fragrance  after the first rains, I so so so love it :)  (Pity that it did not rain the way it used to, in the Northern region this time, it's still too damm hot!!! )

Okay, so coming back to the challenge theme for this month,  which is Monsoon, there are a couple of things which tags along when we think of monsoons. Any guesses... ???
Okay, here's what I think.. Monsoon equals to rains, fun, lots of cuppa coffee, pakoras, raincoats, umbrella, muddy water and ohh yes, getting drenched in the rains!! What fun!

I took one of these elements, and made my tutorial around it. Come rains, and you will see a lot of bright and colorful umbrellas!!! Here's my very own 3D umbrella and a tutorial on how to make it too.. so sit back , relax and catch on!!

Here's what I made!

Isn't it looking pretty with all the vibrant colors??? Lets head over and see how did I make this one! 

1. Take a couple of Pattern papers and cut out the circles with them, the circles should be of equal size (I too the sizzix circle die to die cut my circles)
2. Cut them in half and then I punched them alongside the cut out diameter with a punch to give in some shape. 

 I then folded them in half making sure that the pattern paper end is inside(make a nice crease here).

Once done for all the half circles, start gluing them together one by one and stop when you think that you like the umbrella. This is how mine looks after I pasted the half circles together and then added a little u shaped pipe beneath (can u guess what that U-shaped pipe is??? It's from the Frooti Tetra packs, so a little bit of recycling done tooo!!! )
I then added some flowers and pasted them on to the already made-before the card.
For the card: I first took the A4 cardstock and folded it. Then I took another A5 cardstock and embossed it. To make out a little, I distressed the edges using the Salty ocean distress ink. and added a die cut on the top before adding my 3D umbrella.
Now, it's very easy peasy to make !! right.. :)

And now comes the fun part. Since I had a couple of half circles left, I thought of making another card, but then, I thought, why not a 3D umbrella in complete.. so here's what I did...

Here's another pic from different angles!!! Ooo, I so loved this pretty little thing!

Here's my card and the teeny tiny little thing together..

I hope you will like my new love (of making 3D things) there are lots more to come!!!
So make one for yourself and enjoy this monsoon season!!

Be sure to enter your creations here.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Super cute,.,, thank u for the tute... lovethe bright cheery umbrella...


    1. Thank you for loving them!!! Glad that you liked them... go on make quite a few of them now!



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