Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas

 Hey Peeps,

Here's another inspiration for the current theme challenge at the IMAGINATIONS blog- OUT OF THE BOX!!! We have had some amazing entries this month, do check these pretties at this link.
This post of mine was scheduled to be out on 25th, but due to illness, I was not able to make this earlier, well, better late than never!!!

So here's what I made for the inspirational post, there's a long tutorial with it too so you might want to grab your fav cup of coffee and enjoy it while you enjoy this tutorial also.

This is prob my second attempt at making MIXED MEDIA, my first one can be viewed here .
Here's what I made !!

This is exactly  what I had in my mind before I started on this one and I'm very happy that it came out this nicely and very much the way I had imagined.

Lets see how was this pretty thing created. Here's a step by step process.

1. I took a MDF frame that I had and since I only had the outer frame structure, I used an thick cardboard to fit inside. I had the cardboard covered with Gesso and also painted the frame with the shade of blue I wanted.
Then I randomly stuck some torn pieces of paper with Mod podge on the cardboard to give it a little rugged look. After that, I had the cardboard painted with the shades of blue and green and then had it stuck up firmly on the inside of the MDF frame that I had.

 2. I then applied a little homemade texture paste to give it a little dimension. You can check out that pretty looking stencil design. After that I randomly dropped some droplets of green color and have it run down the length of the frame by holding it upside down, you can see that little seepage of the green color within the stencil frame.

3. Then came a coat of orange color to add more color and vibrancy to the frame and I kind of loved the way the yellow shows from beneath the orange color. I then added a little lace at the bottom to give a little more depth and more feel about the green in there which should be associated with the flower bed. I also added a little light green color over the lace to give it a little more bright and shaded look. Then came a little Lindy Mists which I sprayed randomly on my frame. So far, so good :)

4. For the flowers I used the circle die to cut out circled of 4 different circles with an alternate of paper. I wanted a little pink shade, so I used the pink plain pastel sheet and another Pattern paper for the same. Spritz the circles with a little water and let the paper soak in a little water. Then scrunch up the circles. After giving it that little rough texture, I layered them over one another.

5. Once the circles are layers in the correct sequence, I added little beaded circles to make the center of the flowers. For the stems, draw random lines on the green color paper and use some charcoal pencil to give a little of that black lines. For the leaves I used a leaf die and seperated all the leaves and again used a pen to define the lines.

Now, is the time to put up everything together. Ohh yes, I needed a SPARKLY message, so what could be better than 'Dont let anyone ever dull your Sparkle'. I had it stamped in big bold letters and then distressed it with yellow and brown shades.

Ohh yes, before I glued on everything together, it's very important to see if your placement of all the elements combined togehter goes fine, So put it out all together and see is all goes well.

So here's my first and final try of how I wanted all my elements to go together.
Satisfied with the results, I glued them all and then sprayed a little Lindy mists all over.
Ohh yes, I added a few butterflies tooo ...

Here's a little more closer look of the sentiment, which also happens to be one of my fav ones :)

I hope you all liked my second attempt at making mixed media!!! Do not forget to enter into out challenge here

Happy Crafting !!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

More than just an envelope punch board

 Hey crafty friends,

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite envelope punch board.

I just love it. I use it to make envelopes, box envelopes and even boxes :). This punch board is so much fun and I can't live without it. I use it even to give a round edge to my pages (can never find the regular edge puncher of mine and this is so handy).

I even use it to give a decorative edge to pockets, file folders. Just line the edge of the paper at the center of the punch and voila.

If you punch at regular intervals, you can get a decorative edge to the paper.

Punching at an interval of 1" gives you a result like this.

Punching at an interval of 1/2" gives you a result like this.

Punching at an interval of 1/4" gives you a result like this.

Don't you think this board is so versatile. That's the reason I love this. 

Hope you liked the above quick tutorial. Do leave some love in the form of your comments and don't forget to participate in the current challenge. 

Till next time. 


(Pls excuse the cutting mat - has been used really extensively :) )

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quilled Butterfly Tutorial....

Quilled Butterfly Tutorial....

Hello again,
I'm all excited to post my first tutorial..Today I will sharing with you how to make the quilled butterfly..I have used this butterfly in my big quilled panel..
soo lets get started...]

All we need is 

1.Quilling strips (colour of your choice)..
2. Basic print out of  butterfly..
3. Fevicol
4.Ohp sheet
5.Quilling comb (optional).

first of all we make loops we can either use quilling comb or can simply do it freehand. But remember we need to study the picture 1st..Like for the one I have used  I decided to use four colours..I had marked the colours before starting..

Then make the loops..For loops we need to measure the size keeping the picture as reference..

Now we need to trace our design on OHP sheet..Then start sticking the loops by applying fevicol on the wrong side. After sticking the loops we fill the remaining areas with loose coils.Once it is dried then we peel our wing from the we wrap the wing with the darkest shade..( so that it holds all the loops together)

Similarly we make all the wings..Remember while you make the opposite wings do not forget to turn your OHP sheet..(or else you will land up making the same wing twice..)

For the body I have just used basic 3d quilling technique..
Tentacles we need to fold the strip and make coil from both ends this helps us form a V shape..
Eyes use normal permanent marker..:)

and now finally the full project where I have used them.


Hope you guys liked it..Do let me know if there is any doubt..Would love to answer all your queries ..:)


My first trial with Tri shutter card!!!

Hi, Am back with an another inspiration for the current challenge -OUT OF THE BOX

If you know me already, you must be knowing that I am more of a CAS, simple, one layer card person. Thanks to the team for such a challenge that it gave me a chance to try all new things. Last time, I tried Mixed media on a clock and it was actually a hit according to me.

With that courage, I tried a fancy fold this time -a tri shutter card and the challenge personally here was I wanted it Masculine...

This is the view of the closed card

When the ribbons are opened

The First open

I used a lot of quotes, colored La la land Birthday Marci with Distress inks, attached a ribbon to hold them all together from the back and am done.

Full open view 

Hope you all like this one. 

There is still more time left to participate in the current challenge.  Try new things and link them up here.

Supplies used:

Kaisecraft Texture stamps
Marianne Anja's Large Oval
Fleur De Lis Square


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mixed Media Monogram: CHALLENGE #5 Out of the BOX

 Hey Peeps,

I hope that you all had a lovely festive season!!! Winters have started to set in with the departure of all the festivals and it's getting colder day by day, and in this weather, all you need is one hot cup of coffee and some music and and... lots of crafting!!! Crafting is an essential part which is not to be missed and also since we are eagerly awaiting your creations made specially for our this months theme, OUT OF THE BOX!!!  You can check out all the details here!!!

Here's what I have made for this months challenge!!! I have always been in awe with the mixed media and here's my take on the mixed media!!! I have made an monogram letter with this technique!
and yes, it also doubles up for a nameplate and I've made this one for my little one who recently turned one a couple days ago.

I hope you all liked my attempt at mixed media and we would love to see your 'Out of the box' creations. You can link up your enteries here:

Happy crafting!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A flip album

 Hello peeps. Hope you are all doing fine.

My latest craze is making albums. Have been making a lot of pages - trying all sorts of permutations and combinations. And hoping now to put all of this together and start making albums. I am simply loving this.

Here is my first ever album - a flip album.I loved making this. Its a 6 x 6 album.

Here's a closed view

And this is a view when open.

Hope you will like and do leave some encouraging comments.

And yes, please do participate in our ongoing challenge of "Out of the box".

Take care till next time. 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Out of the Box- A Mixed Media Clock

 Hi All,

Am back with my inspiration for the current challenge –Out Of the Box.  Bored of creating your signature style stuff, Here is a chance to try something new. That means something unique, something different which you haven’t tried before… A chance to try a new fold, a new technique or a new style.

Am here with a clock I have created for the first time in my craft life. If you know me, You would also be knowing that I dont try layers. My creations are always CAS.I should admit that am still poor at loading the embellishments. So thought of giving it a try.Have used so many techniques and so should I call it Mixed Media????? I better leave the decision to you. Please let me know.

I have added a step by step procedure on how I created this.

I cut two circles out of a thick cardstock. Took a decoupage Napkin and separated the topmost single ply with the design in it. Covered one of the entire circles with the decoupage Napkin applying Modpodge. Hatsoff to people who do decoupaging...This tested my patience and yes, still there is lot to learn.

Took the second circle and cut another small circle from the center which will be the place for the dial. Wanted to add some texture to this. Added some lattice pattern with the modeling paste in random. Here I didn’t have a lattice stencil. So used a lattice diecut as a stencil.

Then sponged here and there with Distress ink-Worn Lipstick. Added a subtle shine o it with my Tattered Angel  Glimmer mist.  Couldn’t capture the texture and the shine in the pic properly..

Then I traced a clock dial in a white cardstock randomly sponged with Spun sugar and Tea dye Distress Ink.

Assembled in an order of Decoupaged circle frame, then the textured circle frame and inside the clock dial prepared.
Now the outline is ready for embellishing. Embellished with lots of flowers all handmade, ball chain, clay embellishment, Pielane metal butterfly, flourishes, stick pin and pollen flowers.

The biggest flower is created with Tim holtz tattered florals third piece (6 petal) and all other small flowers were created with a five petal punch.

And, The clock is ready to be framed.

Hope I inspired you to create something new. As always we enjoy looking at all your gorgeous creations. So, create something unique, different from your usual style and link it up here.

Thank you. Your comments would motivate and help me improve. 


Friday, November 7, 2014

 Hellooo Peepss..
Its been almost a month that I  have posted anything here!! How have you all been? I was amazed to see the beautiful entries for our last month challenge ALL of  you are just super TALENTED.. Well for this month our theme is OUT OF THE BOX  ...

So here is my take on the topic..A standing book stack with three different concepts inside..
And the pictures are as follows..

The front view

The back view..

The side view..

And finally the peep in..

Hope you guys liked leave in your comments below..
and dont forget to join us in our monthly challenge..


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello friends...!!
I am back with my all new post :)
First of all, amazing enteries in the previous challenge... and looking forward more amazing stuff in our ongoing challenge "OUT OF THE BOX".
We all know winters are knocking the door, and i love winters :D
It comes with Festive and Wedding season, and with that new clothing and dressing and these "MOMENTS" are surely need to be captured :D
So, hereby, i present you all my CAMERA BOX with MINI ALBUM..!! I love being clicked and take selfies, though most of u love too :) My love of Camera cannot be denied. Here is the look what i have created,

I created the camera box using sizzix camera box XL die, giving the detailing with extended lens and openable flap from one side to keep the mini inside...
wonderful way to store your "wow" moments..isn't it??

I tried to give more detailing by giving it a hanging chain, easy to carry,and a lock behind the camera.

You can add a small lock in it with a key and can preserve your personal pictures :p

Isn't it cute :D

Hope you all will like and leave some love for same:)
And don't forget to participate in our ongoing challenge "out of the box".
signing off for today.
Ayushi Gupta

Saturday, November 1, 2014

CHALLENGE #5 Out of the BOX

 Hello peeps
I hope you all had great Diwali and lots of sweets and goodies...
Now coming back to our new and exciting challenge for this month "OUT OF THE BOX" .. as the name defines it to be different and unique .. this month its all about creating something different and unique .. you can always make a card but a simple fold wont work this time..
:Try a new shaped card / boxes / layouts / shadow boxes .. something different and please describe about it in your blog posts.
The Dts are working on the same and will be back soon until then I have some inspirations ..
mobile charger holder 

fold over box

camera mini album

These are my recent creations and It goes well with our current challenge ..
Hope you all liked my creations..
do leave some love and do play along with us.

Happy crafting 


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