Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello friends...!!
I am back with my all new post :)
First of all, amazing enteries in the previous challenge... and looking forward more amazing stuff in our ongoing challenge "OUT OF THE BOX".
We all know winters are knocking the door, and i love winters :D
It comes with Festive and Wedding season, and with that new clothing and dressing and these "MOMENTS" are surely need to be captured :D
So, hereby, i present you all my CAMERA BOX with MINI ALBUM..!! I love being clicked and take selfies, though most of u love too :) My love of Camera cannot be denied. Here is the look what i have created,

I created the camera box using sizzix camera box XL die, giving the detailing with extended lens and openable flap from one side to keep the mini inside...
wonderful way to store your "wow" moments..isn't it??

I tried to give more detailing by giving it a hanging chain, easy to carry,and a lock behind the camera.

You can add a small lock in it with a key and can preserve your personal pictures :p

Isn't it cute :D

Hope you all will like and leave some love for same:)
And don't forget to participate in our ongoing challenge "out of the box".
signing off for today.
Ayushi Gupta



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