Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quilled Butterfly Tutorial....

Quilled Butterfly Tutorial....

Hello again,
I'm all excited to post my first tutorial..Today I will sharing with you how to make the quilled butterfly..I have used this butterfly in my big quilled panel..
soo lets get started...]

All we need is 

1.Quilling strips (colour of your choice)..
2. Basic print out of  butterfly..
3. Fevicol
4.Ohp sheet
5.Quilling comb (optional).

first of all we make loops we can either use quilling comb or can simply do it freehand. But remember we need to study the picture 1st..Like for the one I have used  I decided to use four colours..I had marked the colours before starting..

Then make the loops..For loops we need to measure the size keeping the picture as reference..

Now we need to trace our design on OHP sheet..Then start sticking the loops by applying fevicol on the wrong side. After sticking the loops we fill the remaining areas with loose coils.Once it is dried then we peel our wing from the sheet..now we wrap the wing with the darkest shade..( so that it holds all the loops together)

Similarly we make all the wings..Remember while you make the opposite wings do not forget to turn your OHP sheet..(or else you will land up making the same wing twice..)

For the body I have just used basic 3d quilling technique..
Tentacles we need to fold the strip and make coil from both ends this helps us form a V shape..
Eyes use normal permanent marker..:)

and now finally the full project where I have used them.


Hope you guys liked it..Do let me know if there is any doubt..Would love to answer all your queries ..:)


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