This blog is for the site : http://www.imaginationsonline.com , Though the main purpose of the site and this blog is to bring the world of the Craft to the people of Shahjahanpur but it is not limited to Shahjahanpur and anyone from the whole world can share ideas and their work with us as Art knows no boundaries.

However I was a bit sad with the scene of Art and Craft in small cities like Shahajhanpur where not only availability of items are scarce but also people are not aware of these things.

My objective is to bring awareness to the masses with showing what can be made in small cities with limited resources available. All the items I use are available at my online store Imaginationsonline.com. I can share the information on from where I get my stuffs and also if anything is not easily available then I can get it for you, but you will be the person who need to make stuffs and share with the world.

I still remember the days of my childhood when we use to create Greeting Cards for teachers, friends and relatives. It was fun and the most lovely part was receiving greeting cards from other peoples. Though only few give greeting card to us as compared to the number of people we give cards to. But that sheer number of cards brought more fun and happiness in our heart than those 100s of SMS/E-Mail we receive nowdays from others. There is no sentiment in Digital Messages, its just copy and paste. I still love when Postman comes to my home and delivers Post.

There is no alternate to giving and receiving greeting cards. So lets share it with our friends.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

I am always available....................

Aditya Gupta


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